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Airport limo driver

Limo Driver

A reader from Phoenix writes:

Pick up people who are too important to ride a shuttle bus or taxi, and forget car rental - that involves work.  It's a great system.  The customer arrives at the airport, pays $5 to the baggage porter.  Then there is the $100 trip fee plus another $20 tip to the driver.  The driver calls ahead to the bell boy at the resort who then unloads baggage -you guessed it, another $5 tip.  $130 changes hands in 35 minutes and this goes on 24/7.  When the airlines run late, the biz. booms.  I love my job!

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the money sounds good but I have done that line of work only I wasn't delivering people I was delivering auto parts. I hated the traffic and the pushy customers. Everyone is always looking at there watch. Time is hardly ever on your side

if you drive limo in LA the competition for getting customers is so fierce that they tell the clients that the tip is included in their bill/ especially big media companies/ theres no money in tips ,just overtime/it's a stress gig/ i'm not saying that nobody tips but you have to drive a crapload of cheap fs' to make $50 bucks in tips/it's a numbers game/ theres also a bad side to this job

The shared ride service from Ft Lauderdale airport can take 2 hours or longer depending on when you get picked up/dropped off.

You are so right about the expense and tips etc as you described.

Airport Transportation Options

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