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Bing on ABC News

As any reader of this site is well aware, I have a new book out, Executricks, or How To Retire While You're Still Working (Collins).

Part of having a new book is having the opportunity to go out and about, talking about it, acquainting potential readers with its existence, and, not to put too fine a point on it, pumping the hell out of it. I have done this for all my past books. Gluttons for punishment, or those simply in love with my face, can actually go to my YouTube channel to see any number of them.

In the coming weeks, I'll be on a variety of fabulous outlets. I'm quite excited about it. For now, however, I thought I would share with you a recent talk I had with ABC News, which is posted on their website. It's by no means as profound, amusing or trenchant as the book itself, of course. But it beats a sharp stick in the eye. Take a peek.  

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Bing - we all know its your blog, your show, your rules, but talk about shameless pandering! I know the answer to this question before I even ask it but here goes anyway, how many people have to buy the book before we can stop talking about it...

Answer: All of them!

okay okay I'll buy it.

I think you may have some revenue (litigation) opportunities for the similarities between McClelland's book and "Lloyd...What Happened" Still my favorite book of yours. Hang in there Bing we need your whimsy...and soon!

You're right, Jack. I'm sorry. But sometimes a businessman has to do what a businessman has to do. I'll try to change the subject, now and then. But you know the principle: frequency and reach.

Jack; considering the modern blog is narcissism in action. I'd be kind of disappointed in Bing if he didn't use it to tell us about all the wonderful crap, er books, he's written.

Why bother if you can't tell the world how awesome you are - and where to buy a hardcopy of it.

Well, of course, Ghost, there is that. Thanks for the kind words. But Jack has a point, too. You don't want to get to the point where self-promotion isn't entertaining and valuable in its own right. Then you have Donald Trump. Then again he sells a lot more books than I do. Truth is, it's the shameless, relentless, egregious self-promoters who do best in this world on any number of levels, in virtually fields. I find it hard to be shameless enough. But I'm going to keep on trying, hopefully not to the point where you get annoyed and go someplace else.

Word of advice - in your travels shamelessly promoting your new book, be sure to watch out for those carnivorous feral chickens!