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Halo for XBox

Yesterday I had the temerity to take a short and somewhat gentle poke at Apple (AAPL), noting that their exclusivity to one particular network made it impossible for me to acquire the apple of the collective I -- the iPhone.

A teeny-weeny storm ensued.

What happened is what usually happens around here. First the angry Apple (AAPL) fans come in, calling me names and contending that I know nothing about Marketing. Of course I know nothing about Marketing. After 25 years in business, it's my contention that Marketing is like Economics. Everybody knows a lot about it and nobody knows anything about it. In the end, we are all equally intelligent and stupid on the subject.

For proof on this, I will point to the most superbly marketed item on the planet, the iPhone, which Apple (AAPL) rolled out with extraordinary perfection, except for the fact that it was priced wrong. So much for expertise in this area.

After the waves of invective hit me, a big number of you waded in to defend my honor and, not coincidentally, pile onto Apple (AAPL) a little bit. Some of you reminded cranky commentors that this is a site that, in between rants about one current indignity or another, indulges in satire now and then. Others forgave my ignorance and then launched into extensive technical discussions on the nature of cellular transmission and delivery. Those were very interesting. Thank you.

It is clear, as one constant reader noted, that all you have to do is talk about Apple (AAPL) to get your blog read. This is because people care intensely about Apple (AAPL). They love their Macs. They despise/love the CEO. They identify with the company as a scrappy David going up against the Phillistine Gates. They hate its critics. They defend its battlements. Others feel the exact opposite. And nobody has no opinion. Good for you, Apple (AAPL)! Passion sells. And we're buying.

This holiday season, I have no doubt that all the Apple (AAPL) worshippers will be lining up to acquire. iMacs. Macbooks. Towering G5s. Flat screen monitors that irradiate your brain. All of them produced by the genius mind of one great corporation.

On the night before XMas, however, I won't be home abed. I'll be sneaking out to the nearest big box electronics store to pick up something else that starts with an X. It's called an XBox. Perhaps you've heard about it. It's surfaced as the game platform of choice for just about anybody who loves to suffuse their cerebrum with electronic cheese. I think it should go very nicely next to my AppleTV. I'm keeping quiet about it here, of course, because I don't believe it's made by Apple (AAPL) at all, but by some other corporation entirely (MSFT).

Gee... I hope I haven't enraged all you Wii-heads now (NTDOY.PK).  

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Enjoy the red lights

You are just trying to get more hits on your blog and you have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to blue screens and virus loving software.

Let's hope you find an XBox that doesn't burn up or melt down - one that will run. The news item I saw last night indicated that M/Soft has already set aside $1B for this problem, that there may be a class action suit, and that as many as 1/3 of units sold are experiencing failures.

Go spend the $$ for an iPhone on AT&T's network - at least it works!

Apple doesnt make G5s anymore, I guess you dont know anything afterall.

Well..... the xbox 360 is made out of mac G4 chip. so.... it's kind of a apple product.

This holiday season, I have no doubt that all the Apple (AAPL) worshippers will be lining up to acquire. iMacs. Macbooks. Towering G5s.
Sorry, Apple doesn't make G5s. Those models ended when the towers with Intel chips were introduced. That was August 2006, according to the Apple web site.

"G5s." and

"It’s called an XBox. Perhaps you’ve heard about it. It’s surfaced as the game platform of choice"

Oh, are we lost or are we lost?
I hope you recover Bing, I wish you got luck!

"iMacs. Macbooks. Towering G5s. "

come on now the g5 was phased out long ago, did you happen to mean MAC PRO

all this to just tell us you will be buying an xbox ???

Us worshippers won't be lining up to buy "towering G5s" as they no longer make those. The Intel chipset replaced the G5 line. But you're spot on about nearly everything else.

To who it may concern,

The iPhone was priced correctly.

Product cycles, as taught in every business school, going back 30 years, ALWAYS recommends that the first generation of a new product be priced high. That is to skim the cream off the market, i.e. to get the wealthier customers and the must-have customers to buy it first. One can, and should, charge premium price for a new category product, and make bigger bucks off the 5% or so that will buy the product. Either to show ones self as being trendy, or just because they have the money.

The next phase in the New Product Life Cycle is to offer a less expensive version to sell to the masses. And the masses will then buy because it's cheaper, and because they then will want to be part of the trend.

I'm surprised that what I learned 30 years ago, is lost on writers like you and many, many other writers.

In other words, a high price for a new product, is just the way it works.

Please remember this.

David Forjan

Those two links are all I have to say to mac lovers theory on "a mac just works". Other then the Mac I have no beef with Apple.

The Wii is the game platform of choice......NOOB

Towering G5's?

"extraordinary perfection" - nice writing!

The least you can do is keep Christ in Christmas. There is no such thing as Xmas

Good luck with the xbox, Microsoft is spending billions with a b fixing faulty ones.

Given the technical inferiority of the product, I doubt that most Wii owners spend much time on It might be a bit much for them. They're probably too busy trying to figure out how to flick their wrist just right to land the big one while "Fishing" on their Wii...

That is one of the most pointless articles I have ever read. Did you actually say anything?

You know, it's not so much that people who comment on Apples products and policies draw criticism because they choose to disagree with Apple and it's vaunted CEO so much as how they choose to do it. Most pundits choose to cloud fact and spout half truths in order to justify their arguments when trying to counter a point with Apple products policies and performances. Many will critique an Apple product without even using one. Unless you're guilty of one or more of these offenses I would not take the venom spouted by the Apple faithful too seriously. Most of us are just too tired of the "perception is reality " argument spouted by most pundits rather than doing their jobs thoroughly and not creating a Greenpeace like stink about Apple. Come ...have some kool aid , buy some stock.

Uhm Bing? The iPhone was priced EXACTLY where it should have been priced at the end of June. Apple already knew that they were releasing the iPod Touch in September and that the 8gig iPod Touch must start at $299, iPod pricing isn't exactly a mystery. Therefore the iPhone should only be $100 dollars more than an iPod Touch. It's not rocket science.

Bing, you're right on target about iPhone, Apple and all that jazz that is associated with thousands of Apple's followers across the world. While I do own a Mac, I try to stay away from evangelists that are blindly following a corporation regardless of what it does. Apple is becoming just another corporation with one main distinctive feature: Its products are sexy. If OS X maniacs want to prove something, they can start their own blogs.

get your x-box and enjoy the red lights of doom. hope you refurbished consoles.

I am constantly amazed at how all you have to do is mention AAPL (if you want more traffic to your blog just add some off handed remark that MSFT is better than AAPL) and you get your blog read.

Where is all this hype/passion for technology coming from? (some will say it's because AAPL makes the best products around)

I for one have been resisting buying an iPhone because of price alone. I am looking for a new mobile phone and in my view there are no other phones that can beat the iPhone in terms of features and quality, but many beat it on price. If I was also in the market for a portal music player or possibly a PDA or a 2MP camera, I could possibly justify the $400, but right now I think I'm going to have to go with one of the subsidized handsets.

Unless there's a chance Apple will lower the price on the iPhone or introduce an iPhone nano at a cheaper price at Macworld 2008? I could wait a few months I suppose...

any insights on this?

WHAT?! How dare you defame the Wii! I have been a proud owner of a Nintendo Wii and a faithful Nintendo brand owner since the NES days. You obviously know nothing about marketing since MicroNaught markets their whole system around a fatalistic war game which coindidentally plays right into the hands of the warmongers in government. IF you really wanted to impress people, you would purchase the elegant and simplistic Wii. With it's revolutionary interactive gameplay, courtesy of the Wii-mote, you're able to engage in videogame play in a way never seen before. In fact, don't wait for XMas, go get a Wii now! When history looks back, it will see 2007 as the turning point in the advance of civilization. No longer will people be fat from sitting around playing video games and families will come together by playing interactive family fun games for all ages! Males will move out of their parent's basements and spend time with their girlfriends to make a meaningful contribution to society!Long live Nintendo!

I assume that your declaration that you will be buying an XBox is a reminder to the reader of your "sharp, slightly acrid sense of humor"!

I must be unique. I have Windows and Mac computers at home, have 2 iPods and 2 Windows-based cell phones. I have an Xbox 360 as well as several Nintendo handhelds. I tend to just buy what's best for my money, and don't have the need to fall in love with anything. The Mac is okay, but I must say that Vista is a little better, and more useful. The iPods are okay, but I see it as a novelty as I really don't have the need to listen to music 24/7. The iPhone is really nice looking and with a great interface. But, it's also VERY lacking in several areas that make Windows-based phones look 2 generations ahead (very slow cellular data speed and locked down so there's no 3rd party support are the two deal breakers for me). The Wii has a novelty controller. But, the games that use it seem more like childish mini-games you would get with a Burger King value meal. The Xbox 360, on the other hand is the real deal.

You shouldn't be ashamed at all of your 360. MSFT is not evil, AAPL is 50% hype and 50% fanboys. The 360 is an amazing game platform with MANY added features that are very useful.

Network the 360 with your home computers and share every song and video on any system (as long as it's not a Mac).

Downloadable movies that I can play in my theater on the big screen and not on my computer and its 19" monitor. Most offer HD versions also, not just DVD quality.

Plug in your iPod and play your songs.

Connect a HD-DVD player and go high-def with movies.

My son uses the 360 to talk with friends and message them. Even talk with an entire group of friends at the same time. He doesn't even use the phone anymore.

Live kicks the snot out of every other attempt at network gaming on any platform including the PC.

By far, the 360 is the best bang for your buck out there. Those that make purchases based on facts will be compelled to get a 360. Those that make purchases based on fads, novelty, fanboyism, status, etc will end up with iPods, iPhones, and Wiis under their Christmas tree and will be on the Internet attacking you and others who say anything bad about their proud new possession.

Whatever... You can't argue with a fanboy, both sides will be losers.

When you buy that XBox, don't forget to also buy a very large fan and maybe a fire extinguisher!

Hope you don't mind a few corrections:

1. Apple no longer sells G5's, they now sell Mac Pros with Intel chips.

2. I don't believe "flat screens," the common term for LCD monitors, irradiate your brain.

I beg to differ on the concept of all of us knowing the same with regard to marketing and economics. While marketing and economics may not be a precise science, one mistake is not indicative of a corporation's marketing ability nor an economist's.

Feel free to correct my syntax and grammar!

Regarding the Xbox, I heard it is a G5. That is while Jobs was moving from PowerPc to intel, Gates was moving the Xbox from intel to the PPC.

You seem to be quite out of touch with what is going on at Apple....

They haven't sold G5s for two years now, and not many people would be bringing a Mac Pro home for christmas anyways.

The end of your blog just is flame bait, like you want to be attacked.

In case no one has stated this during the current conversation: The iPhone is brilliant.

G5's, are you back in the pre-historical PI (pre-intel) era, or are you just being pre-hysterical?

as a marketing genius,steve jobs may have snookered quite a few people by deliberately pricing the iphone higher only to reap the benefits of the extra free advertising and the erotic feeling one gets when they think they are getting a bargain,after he dropped the price.

what is it about that G5 comment ??? G what ?

If your going to gratuitously mention Apple (AAPL) to get your blog read, you should at least keep up to date on what Apple sells. Apple has not sold a non-intel machine for over a year so the only place an Apple Worshiper can get a "Towering G5" is on eBay. FYI, the current Apple Pro desktop is called a MacPro. BTW, I can be satyrical too.

I doubt anyone will be lining up to buy "Towering G5s". Apple has switched to Intel processors.

"G5 Towers"

Apple hasn't made a G5 in like 2 years. And its Xbox360. Sheesh... stick to career whining, ok?

I already have My 360, no iphone though sorry guys. You're 2 years behind on buying the 360. Not to mention the 360 offers superior download mechinism for movies and shows over the stupid appletv, way to waste $300 on that congrats.

My only comment on this is how self-fulfilling of a circle it creates by being classified as news. APPL creates a stir, and so does anyone else that mentions APPL's name. This is equated by the media as a "topic of interest". It may rightfully be a topic of some interest on a deep-linked page somewhere between hog futures and how somebody has figured out a way to sell tracts of pancakes as credit paper...... But it is not deserved of front page placement, as most of your columns seem.

Yeah, the neat thing about getting the xbox is that it's the gift that keeps on giving!! Buy one for Christmas and a month or so later, POOF! You get a new one, as Mr. Softy replaces your flawed and fried xbox with another one! And then a month or so later, POOF!
You get a new one, as Mr. Softy replaces your flawed and fried xbox with another one! And then a month or so later...

Always clever commentary, Bing. I had to laugh hysterically to myself at the jackasses taking offense to your "attack" on the Iphone. Some people just don't have common sense...or a sense of humor for that matter.

jacka$$ why don't you just say you suck microsoft c*ck!
Pushing the pos xbox! lol!
and you have 25 years of what kind of experience?

Is that the same Xbox that MSFT took a billion dollar charge vs. its earnings to fix flawed machines?

Where's the bite?

How about weblogging about the Xboxs' defects? Do buy one and regret it.

Don't play your Xbox near a Christmas tree -- wouldn't want it to overheat and burn the house down. Then again, you could just wrap a tight towel around the box as one user on CNBC said today -- this may sometimes work to help temporarily lessen the chances of severe overheating.

Why be enraged? If you wait until Xmas eve you could't get a Wii anyways since it'll be sold out unlike the 360.

I think it will be very interesting to see the home console numbers this year for xmas, I'm sure since you enjoy gaming yourself you might take a look see yourself Bing :)

I love how Apple fans still insist that Apple is a friendly, honest, small company that cares... even though it's a gigantic corporation that's no less pushy, intrusive, monopolistic, or soulless than Microsoft. Just because Apple's products are cuter, prettier, and sometimes easier to use, that means they're the "good guys?" Congratulations, you drank a whole gallon of the Kool-Aid if that's what you think. At least Microsoft no longer pretends it's not trying to enslave you.

PS... Bing, if you get Live, I'm sure some of us regulars would be happy to make a Bing Blog Halo team.

X-Box and Wii comments must be addressed. They are both good machines, my nephew has an X-Box and my niece a Wii. My nephew finds himself playing his sister’s games when she is not around. They two different systems targeting two different groups. I keep going to the store hoping they will have a Wii in stock for me before Xmas.

hope your house doesn't burn down with that overheating piece of a wii! Ps - aapl rules!

Why would you want an Xbox of all things? I would rather have a WII?

Bing, are you trying to get the Sony and Nintendo Fanboys to pile on as well. People are rather rabid about their technology.


Can't we all just get along? I own PCs with Windows OS, Linux OS, and even two macs. I own both an XBox and a Wii. If companies try to get people brand loyal that goes against their own best interests, the companies win and the consumer loses. You can buy the games you want and never worry about having the wrong platform. I like that in Europe they don't allow cell phones to be sold only with a contract. We need more freedom of choice here. Sure, freedom of choice can get expensive...I have to go microwave my cup'o'noodles now.

It is obvious how much fun you are having, egging on as many naive folks as possible. I believe you are just pretending that you don't get it. You need to belabor the simple fact that folks just want a well built, intuitive and depenable PC. Originally it was billed as a productivity tool; Apple is attempting to keep this promise. End of story, duh!!!

You better re-think that X-BOX purchase....It seems they are melting away!!!!

Hmm, you know Bing, you're right about one thing - you don't know marketing. If only we could get some senior executive for a major US media company who's very existence depends upon the vagaries of marketing to provide you some professional advice. But pray tell where we would find such a person?

Best idea I've heard this week:

"Bing Blog Halo Team" - Thanks Rebecca!

This is hilarious. So many people, so deadly serious and desperately loyal about their gadgets and machines. "My [phone/computer/game system] is so great! Yours sucks! You're stupid!" (Or possibly "urs sux! ur stupid!") You'd think Bing had brought up immigration or abortion or religion or something.

Hey, Bing, look me up on xbox live over the holidays. gamertag="Barbobus"

"You are just trying to get more hits on your blog and you have no idea what you are talking about." - Posted By John, Phoenix, Arizona

I told you it would work, Bing!

A person doesn't even have to know about Apple to talk about Apple. I myself copy and paste rants and raves about Apple from one blog and post them on another. People end up going crazy and hysterical about the things that I say. The funny thing is, I didn't even come up with the original thought or message. This is why the internet is dumbing people down.

Here is how it works:

1) A few smart people make some intelligent assumptions about an important subject.

2) An internet troll, like me, skims a few lines and sees that the statement has a strong opinion on a subject.

3) The troll copies the statement and pastes it on another blog about the same subject.

4) The troll is attacked from one end, and has people fighting for him/her on the other end.

5) The troll gets recognition and continues to do the same thing, building up his/her name on the web.

6) The troll starts his/her own site and encourages people from other blogs to visit.

7) The troll gets consistent hits on the site and makes a nice income on the side from internet ads.

Repeat for a few years and one can easily earn $1,000,000.

Josh, in Tampa, FL - Quit taking your mother's Estrogen pills...

Yes, the iphone. Truly a stroke of genius from Apple. Their marketing is impeccable. Wonder what they willcome up with in 10 years time??

Entertaining intoruction bing. Judging by how well your site's doing, you're a pretty good marketer. And yeah guys, you don't need to know a lot about a product to sell it. You just need to know how to sell it!

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