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Are you ready for the week? A quiz

Bald Britney

1. My first thought when I woke this morning was...

a. "I can't wait to get to the office."
b. "I wonder what's going on with my bond insurer."
c. "Two more weeks for Britney, huh?"
d. "Whazzat."

2. I'm really looking forward to...

a. Super Tuesday
b. The next rate cut
c. More news about Britney
d. My muffin

3. I think the Microsoft-Yahoo deal is...

a. Good for America
b. Bad for Google
c. Very unsettling
d. All of the above

4. I think Google's attempts to torpedo that deal are...

a. Good for America
b. Bad for Microsoft
c. Unsettling
d. All of the above

5. I believe we are being best informed about...

a. Our political process
b. Our economic system
c. The battle between Sam and Adnan for Britney's soul
d. Cheese

6. I am afraid of...

a. John Malone
b. Barry Diller
c. News about John Malone and Barry Diller
d. My next haircut

7. My goals for this week are...

a. To get out and vote!
b. To go short on hydrocarbons
c. To eat less gluten
d. To make other people do my work for me

8. By the end of the day, I hope to finish...

a. The blogs on the upcoming primaries
b. My analysis of global market conditions
c. A nice sandwich
d. This quiz

Score yourself 1 point for every a), 2 points for every b), 3 points for every c) and absolutely no points for d). I feel sorry for all you D people people. You're obviously not aware of politics, economics or the news about Britney. Come on. Get with it.

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"The battle between Sam and Adnan for Britney's soul" ... LOVE IT! Very Zoroastrian.

I'm most afraid of the battle between cheese and my muffin for the election of Yahoo's soul. Or something. Or maybe I just need a loooong vacation.

I live all the way down in Australia and I still know what's going on with the primaries, but more importantly Britney (now there's a girl who needs all the help she can get). Loving your blog, Stanley, keeps me sane in my government job Down Under.