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Auto insurance field appraiser

Auto Appraiser

 A reader in San Diego writes:

I am an auto insurance field appraiser for a major American insurance company. It's kind of like the dude's job in Fight Club except that I don't participate in underground boxing matches and I don't beat myself up in front of my boss. I actually don't really have a boss. I work out of my house, set my own schedule, and do my own thing. I drive around San Diego and I take pictures of cars that get into crashes. Some of them get caught on fire, sometimes they get stolen, sometimes an angry girlfriend carves hate-filled messages into the paint.... But regardless - I typically work a 5-hour day. Note that 3 of these 5 hours are spent driving to and from various locations, so it's like I really only work a 2 hour day. I photograph 4 (maybe 5 or 6 on a busy day) vehicles and am typically home by 2 o'clock.

When the car actually goes to a body shop for repair, I just negotiate with them over the phone and have them send me a bill when the repairs are done. No hassle for me or for them. I am usually at home eating almonds, kicking back a cold one, and playing XBOX around 2 or 3pm. Either that or I'm calling my buddies asking what they're up to...and then interrupting their responses with, "Oh yeah!!! You're at work! My bad! Call me at 5, working man!" The best $50k I ever made.

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That is a great BS job. What kind of education background does one require for such a job at 50k/year?

Please let me know how do you became one and where do i look for it im in canada toronto
Thank you

I am very much interested in working for insurance as an appraiser, i have extensive experience and knowladge about cars etc ( as i have worked in mechanic shops and dealerships) . if its possible would be able to direct me where to apply for this position i have been calling around but nothin. i am from toronto, ontario as well. thank you.

hey no need to brag about your bs job working hours,you love it that's why you are doing it.if you don't enjoy doing it you should get out of it asap. and find something you enjoy doing.i do it every day and love it for its like any other job. you suck man.

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