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The bear rears up and... whines despondently


So we're officially in a bear market. You don't have to tell anybody in a publicly traded company about it, of course. We're in it every day. We feel it in a million different ways, in everything we do. Here are just a few: 

  • When you talk with a reporter covering your business, they can barely lift their heads from their tabletops. They sigh. They mutter. They can barely come up with coherent questions. "So..." they murmur into the phone, their hearts heavy with impending layoffs and industry doom, "... what's the rationale for your acquisition/divestiture/other again?" Much of the time, they haven't even read the associated documentation. They're just too sad to party. 
  • When you talk with an analyst about your business, they can barely lift their heads from their tabletops. They snarl. They growl. They are defensive about their indices. Their last six write-ups have been dead wrong for a variety of reasons, but analysts have a tough time being wrong, they are never actually wrong, not really. Something must be wrong with YOU that made them be wrong, so they are quite naturally churlish about your whole situation. There is no upside. Why do you keep talking about one? 
  • When you talk with sale people, they can barely lift their heads from their tabletops. Their knuckles are red with knocking on doors that will not open. 
  • When you talk to merchandisers, automotive manufacturers and others who must advertise in order to sell their products, they can barely... well, you know. They cannot buy ads because their have less free cash flow with which to do so, but if they do not sell ads they will not move product and so will not have cash to buy ads and move product. They are hamsters on a wheel, with the smell of yesterday's sawdust in their nostrils. 
  • When you talk to investors... it's not advisable. They will chew your face off if you do. 

Except for the guys who saw the dark side all along. The short sellers. The crafty few who saw the whole thing coming all along and bet correctly on which way the water would spin on its way down the vortex. They're the ones walking down the Street, whistling a merry tune. Makes you want to smash them, don't it? 

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Money isn't printed in the basement at the NYSE or NASDAQ!
it changes hands~
Short sellers have always been the excitedly rich! I learned my lesson shorting the tech bust all the way to the bottom. Donald Trump and I didn't buy at the hieght, you can bet we'll be looking for bargains at next years fire sale.

Lately I have been afraid to walk past a new car dealership, the salesman look so hungry you might think that they would pull you in off the street, beat you unconcious and forge your name to a deal.

Since the bear is causing so much trouble, we should pull out a shotgun and shoot the bear in the head. We can then sell the fur for money. We can also make bear stew. Yum!

NEXT Year's fire sale, Roxy? The death spiral continues for another year? If so, this will make '87, the early 90's and 01-02 look mild by comparison. That's a mean bear....

Wall Street has blown so many bubbles in its time that it simply ran out of "GAS".

More beer and beans need to be ingested to get that "OZONE LAYER" replenished.

"They are hamsters on a wheel, with the smell of yesterday’s sawdust in their nostrils. "

Best comment I've read in months. LOL.

It's a great time to be poor and not have any investments to weep over! I just get to complain about inflation, but us pofolks already know how to get along when the dollar tightens.I just feel sorry for my pofolk counterparts in rural areas. They're totally screwed!

When I was young, I hired an old-timer accountant. The best advice he ever gave me ...

"Bulls make a little money, Bears make a little money ... Pigs get slaughtered. Don't be a pig. Take your 15% and get out."

Words to live by ...