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Berlusconi keeps his business cool


You've got to hand it to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.  No matter what happens, he brings a thoroughly business mindset to the job of governing Italy. Sex scandals? He eats them for breakfast. Allegations of impropriety? It's all a Rupert Murdochian plot! Just today, he had something of a reversal. Italy's Constitutional Court, which is in charge of such things, decided that he and his top officials could be prosecuted for crimes committed while in office.

Now, a normal government official anywhere else in the world might blanche at such information. In Japan, the fellow might commit seppuku. In the United States, he might have to go on Oprah after holding the obligatory press conference. But not Mr. Berlusconi, who honed his public skills in the trenches of media ownership. Nope.

The NY Times reports: "A defiant Mr. Berlusconi said he would 'forge on' and accused the Constitutional Court of 'left-wing' bias against him, the ANSA news agency reported. 'We must govern for five more years with or without the law.'"

Spoken like a true mogul! My money's on you, man!

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The guy is an old fox, very astute, not much intelligent but very, very astute,,,,,like all his countrymen who voted for him............

The guys who don't give a rip are always entertaining to hang out with. I've encountered a few sub-types, all uniquely compelling.

There's the guy who feels like he's above it all. Rules don't apply to him, because he's smarter/richer than everyone else. Fun at first, he can become hugely boring (unless he picks up the tab). His title commonly starts with a "C".

Then there's the guy who is changing jobs / changing careers / trying to get fired. He will actively try to tell you all the dirt he knows, which is always fun. However, things inevitably descend into a tirade against past indignities suffered, which is pretty boring.

And then there's the classic functional drunk. He knows all the bartenders (and the strippers)and has great stories to tell.

If you don't care what people think, it can free you up to do some pretty interesting things. Or to be a real jerk.

Considering the average lifespan of an Italian government there's no point in Berlusconi shaming himself by acting contrite. It's better for him to be remembered for his disdain for his opponents, as well as his obvious love of the finer things in life. Puritanism is largely an American phenomenon.

Laws, Rules and Constitutions are abstract ideals for the small people,,,once you evolve to a higher level,,,like being in charge,,,you can forgo the redtape/paper work,,,,best leave that for the minor minions to digest and fret about,,,

Where would all the great people of history be if they followed the Rules? : ANS: Nowhere in the history books.

Sorry to say,,but most of the world is populated by sheep waiting to be led by someone with the balls to point the way.

My guess is Berlusconi won't even get a mention in the history books, but reading about his antics does give me a chuckle.

The "No sex please" post of a few days ago tends to remind one--how far can the stugatz propel one into the lime light of entertainment and the tabloids?

The picture you included says it best. He holds his hands together to prevent them from wandering. We can almost hear him thinking, "Look, but do not touch".

It makes you think he might have been reading your blog earlier this week.

Big Deal. But do the trains run on time?

Dammit, Ad. Will you shut up about Eva, I'm blogging.

It's refreshing to see a corrupt politician who doesn't have any compulsions about being corrupt.

I suppose it's the closest we can find to an oxymoron when it comes to the concept of honesty in politics.