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Blankfein vs. Dougan -- Compensation Smackdown!


Word comes from Credit Suisse that Brady Dougan, the Chief Executive of that fine fiduciary institution, earned $17.9 million in 2009, which is six times more than he made in 2008. This makes good sense. 2009 was a much better year than 2008, and any fair evaluation of compensation should account for that. Also, Mr. Dougan's comp is pretty much consonant with the nuts and berries that were paid to execs at a variety of financial powerhouses, all of whom worked very hard last year.

Still, if I was Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, I'd be a little peeved. Jack Kent Cooke, titan from the pre-Cambrian epoch of saurian life, once said that money was only a way of keeping score. This was a piquant observation for those who still need it to pay for groceries and housing, but all carnivores at a certain evolutionary level understood what he meant. Beyond a certain point, it's all about whose bonus is bigger. And by that yardstick, I'm thinking Blankfein has a beef. He only made $9.6 million last year. That's barely $5 million after taxes. Hardly seems worth showing up.

He'd have plenty of help if he chose to make a stink. Last year's bonus payments on Wall Street plunged more than 12% to an average of only $812,800.  There's very little of note that you can do with that, other than bank it and hope for a better 2010. The good news is that the way things are going in Washington, that's a pretty safe bet for anybody in the financial business, if for nobody else.

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consonant = consistent?

Yes, Brad.

As even every Zimbabian child knows, possessing a svelte body fat content of greater than 0.005% is nothing more than just keeping score.

They're both over-paid. Neither one of them can dunk, neiter one can drain a 3.

Boys. Boys. Let's keep this in perspective. Miley Cyrus made 25 million bucks in 2009.

But then again her industry didn't take the world economic system to the brink.

"Jamie, How you doin? Yeah, that's right, nine and change. Hey, you wouldn't know where I could get a stripper pole?"

Miley, an asspirational brand for us all!

Achy Breaky Heart

You can tell the Feds,
I went and bought Club Med.
How do you spell Antigua, anyway?
Or you can tell my friends,
the weekend parties end,
until my tattered wallet mends.

But don't tell my heart,
my achy breaky heart,
my bonus won't even reach ten.
For if you tell my heart,
my achy breaky heart,
We might have to go
beggin D.C. again.

Achy Breaky Heart (2nd verse)

You can tell Auntie Pearl
as her it curls,
watching CNBC Bartiromo chick,
And you can tell Uncle Merle,
as his dinner 's hurled,
Watchin Jimmie Cramer's latest shtik.

But don't tell my heart
my achy breaky heart,
my bonus won't even make ten.
For if you tell my heart,
my achy breaky heart,
we might have to bring
Lehman up again.

"Epoch of saurian life" made it worth coming to work today. Thanks.

What's a safe bet? That we're going to pay 65% of income in taxes?

No, SE. That there will be NO regulation, no effort to stem any of the abuses that created the recession, and that everybody will wake up one day to another horrendous meltdown as if we didn't know it was coming. And that in spite of that, people will nod at each other and talk about how the unregulated marketplace works just fine.

Per Stanley, "No, SE. That there will be NO regulation, no effort to stem any of the abuses that created the recession, and that everybody will wake up one day to another horrendous meltdown as if we didn’t know it was coming. And that in spite of that, people will nod at each other and talk about how the unregulated marketplace works just fine."

The most amazing thing is that one would expect the beneficiaries of such a stilted system, i.e., Wall Street, to voice such sentiments, but I'm hearing working people of retirement age (who've lost their entire retirement nest-eggs) argue that the solution is even less regulation.

Perhaps never giving a sucker an even break is an entirely legitimate life philosophy. I find the situation very depressing. When I see them at Walmart, working as greeters at the age of 75, I'll make an effort to remind them that these 'free-market' things are, indeed, as they should be.

Maybe they're right and you're wrong, Mike.

In keeping with Brad's spirit

Zimbabian = Zimbabwean?

And now that we are speaking of earnings was that $48M Madonna pocketed in 2009?

think i need to go puke

SE: "Maybe they’re right and you’re wrong, Mike".

Doubtful, SE. Only a fool would argue against their own interests....Wall Street isn't silly enough to do so, but these retirees are at an age when they can't admit they got taken to the cleaners by some slick guys in suits....such nicely dressed and well spoken people wouldn't do such a thing. could even less regulation of our financial morass help their situation? Perhaps by privatizing their social security 'accounts'?

With people like you at the helm, it's easy to see how we got into this mess, and your prescription would simply be more of the same poison.

Just as derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction and risks that won't go away; bonuses can also have the same classification.

It just may be that big bucks passed out to schmucks will come back to the fold, not as gold; but as shucks, we're sitting ducks!

Based on the limited anecdotal evidence at my disposal, there is a strong inverse correlation between actual ability and faith in the financial system. The biggest Ayn Rand fans I know are perpetual grad students, out-of-work bartenders, etc. I have to agree with Mike here--a lot of people hold the views they do because they fantasize about being in the top .00001% rather than the more familiar bottom third.

Kudos to Paul, nice song there. Got me ticked there.

I actually don't have TV so my news on economics is limited but, it still makes me so sick to hear the amounts that they make. But entertainment does sure pay well.

Financial compensation is the new WMD to me. There terrible but damn, it'd be like a kid in a candy store, if did manage to grab one of those.

I still don't understand what justification they have in their heads when they get paid that much.

It is very tough to be a casino manager, it is a 24/7 hour job, specially the managers of big casino operations in cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Wall Street. Do not forget that along with MGM, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse are the top biggest casino operations in the whole universe. Watch the movie "Casino" with De Niro and Stone and you will have an idea how tough is to manage a casino operation. Poor Blankenfeisten and Dougameister, leave them alone!, poor fellas!!!!!! they do it for the love of their country and humanity!!!!!

consonant = consistent?
Zimbabian = Zimbabwean?

I have another one:

Las Vegas = Wall Street = Atlantic City ?

MGM = Goldman Sachs = Wynn ?

I used to have some respect for Wall Street: the companies and people; but now, that they have been somewhat exposed, I feel repulsion every time I hear or read something related to "the Street": I thought they were extremely intelligent people, the best of the best, but they are not! they are nothing but a bunch of careless and reckless bunch with very low E.Q.'s; you do not need to go to top universities to find people willing to be careless with other people's money!!! hey, I can do it for 1/20th of their whole annual pay, without the perks and I do not need the corner office with the art and gold toilette!!!!!!!!!

Leave my friends alone. Like me, they are nothing but hard working average Joe-six-pack people who are only interested in the good of America, leave us alone and let us rescue America!!!!!!

How come Wall Street money is the only one that does not trickle down? there must be something stuck on the pipe that makes the "trickle down" from Wall Street happen,,,

What do you think about Michael's Moore latest picture "Capitalism" ???

"And by that yardstick, I'm thinking Blankfein has a beef".

The Tennessee Ridge Runner, Jerry Reed, was not far off in his signature song about "She got the gold mine, he got the shaft!"

Isaac, you're on the right track, but we should include the differences between a casino and Wall Street.

- A casino doesn't charge us just to enter the building. Wall Street middle men like Goldman have fees just to enter the game.

- Casinos don't charge us when we have money in the building. Wall Street has account management fees.

- When we put a quarter in a one-arm bandit, Wall Street would be there to charge a trading fee.

I think that any self respecting casino would be insulted if they were compared to Wall Street.

To add to Jim's comment about casinos:

If Wall Street had been run like the casinos, our financial situation would be very different. The casinos are tightly run organizations with a strong focus upon risk control.

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