Crazy Bosses

The braggart


A reader from Georgia writes:

I once had a boss who insisted that he was the greatest thing in the telecom industry since Alexander Graham Bell. He went so far as to claim credit for the design of major network operations centers in use by a former Baby Bell. Well, as it turns out, shortly after this man's departure from our company *unvoluntarily of course* -- during a conference call with the very Baby Bell of which he claimed to have been such an influential executive, it was discovered that he infact had been a low level sub-management employee his entire 26 years there, never rising to any great heights, and never influencing anything...goes to show, those who brag often can't back it up.

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Nah! Good management skills - merely following through with the premise that taking credit for others work is useless unless you tell everyone what you are taking credit for. 'Sides all that, made him look good on the interview and he got the job, didn't he?

I wonder if he was related to Al Gore, the Ex-Vice President of the Free World that took credit for inventing the internet?

Just another "I" "I" "I" seal barking for anyone who will listen. "ME" "ME" "ME" If I had a dollar for every time I heard it I would be richer than Bill Gates. Guys who are THAT insecure and are placed in management positions....sad.