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Business Intelligence Analyst


A reader from New Jersey writes:

My position title: Business Intelligence Analyst

Why it's BS: The position title itself is BS.  We're analysts..that's it.  Why tack on the cheesy 'intelligence'? It's like they're trying to make me feel smarter at work by giving me a BS title.  We're analyzing other company's data because they're too lazy to do it themselves.

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Ok, maybe they didn't explain it to you....how your job differs from ordinary analysts is that you are supposed to make sure that the data being used to make major decisions for the company actually reflects the information that the enduser thinks he/she is using. That is....when the calculate total accounts receivable that the have included all the right balances and none of the ones that have gone to collections. You are supposed to protect your users from an embarrassing or worse yet, disasterous moment when the wrong conclusion was based on the wrong data. Not my idea of a BS job...

I believe you donot have enough understanding of BI , If you then you might have appreciated you position.Bi gives you an undersatnding of how to spend efficenitly or infact any other matters in an organization. Hope you will learn to appreciate this job

You know it's BS any time the words business and intelligence appear together.

That's fine if you think I do not have an understanding of BI, however it doesn't change how I feel about this position as I'm working in it. While we are entrusted to analyze other company's data and make accurate decisions for them, it doesn't help if they argue with our decisions and analysis the entire way through. If they feel unsure about how another company analyzes their data, then they should do it themselves. It defeats the purpose of the BIA role thus making it a total BS role.

Also, comments shouldn't be taken seriously if they can't spell correctly or have poor grammar. Hopefully, you'll learn to appreciate the use of a dictionary.