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The case of the unpopped corn


A friend sent me a video yesterday that really scared me. It shows a series of clips of people around the world arranging their cell phones around a small handful of unpopped popcorn. After their phones are made to ring in unison, the corns seem to pop as a result of weird vibes, radiation, heat or whatever is apparently emitted by the cellphones.

I saw the video and my first thought was, "I don't care how stupid it looks on me. I'm getting Bluetooth."

This subliminal message turns out to be the purpose of the video. Short story: it's a hoax, a viral attempt to scare people about their cellphones enough to make the mental leap to the hands-free variety. Why an electronic bug up your canal is preferable to a hot cell in your ear is anybody guess. But that was the marketing concept. And it worked, at least on me.

The Web giveth and the Web taketh. YouTube was used as the medium to disseminate this hoax because, like many online venues, it is without filter for the most part and all things on it are essentially of equal value. True or false is nugatory. Is the cat really saying "Oh my my" or is it just yowling? You decide.

At the same time, others cruise the value-free environment busting people. This is quite evident on wikipedia, where a cadre of tight sphincters patrol to weed out any inconsistencies, frivolities or, at this point, fun. And so it is that Gawker came up with the blog that busted our fraudulent popcorn poppers, pooping on their parade.

What does this all lead to? A general headset, when one is cruising the Web, that all belief should be suspended, that everything that seems real just may not be? That time eventually wounds all heels?

Do we emerge with more or less faith in the things we see and hear? I really don't know. And I'm still getting a Bluetooth.

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Don't get a Bluetooth.

If you must get a Bluetooth, get one of those slim, unobtrusive little black ones without the blinking lights.

Only twelve-year-old spacecadet geeks should get Bluetooths (Blueteeth?) with blinky lights. You'd just look like a very old trekkie. Or a 747.

This is your brain (whole uncracked egg), this is your brain on cell phones (a beautiful ham and cheese omelet). Any questions?

The big question is does cell phone radiation cause cancer? Also, do cell phones contain micro waves?

I recall a lawsuit by police who came down with cancer blaming the equipment they used by cradling it between their legs when on duty.

The F.D.A. monitors food for safety, O.S.H.A. industry for safety, A.C.L.U. for equal rights, and the E.P.A. for contaminates, etc..

Is anyvody monitoring the run away expansion of the wireless industry? There never seems to be a warranty for the safety of the product regarding low dose radiation.

It seems that when a product is questioned a team of corporate attorneys shoo you off. The small guy today is just too pooped to pop waiting for a fifty year data base of incidents.

I'm stunned no one's shown up to complain about "liberal propaganda" yet. (That the issue has nothing to do with liberalism, conservatism, or politics usually never stopped anybody.)

Dang Liberal propaanda trying to scare us out of eating popcorn ...

<3 Rebecca

Cell phones don't cause cancer, but those cigars that Bing smokes do.

I urge you all to get Bing to quit smoking. He should remove that profile of him with a cigar. He is setting a very bad example for the young children who frequent his blog!

I can't believe a Fortune columnist and author was fooled by this even for a second. Anyone with a brain should immediately know this is a commercial.

I still wanna know (1) how they did it. Popping popcorn with an actual microwave is tough for me, let alone lining up a few cellphones and getting it done. Plus, (2) was I the only person in the world who noticed that all three sets of people just happened to have, oh by the way, two cell phones on them? My wife and I went out to dinner the other night with some friends and between the four of us, one freakin' cell phone.