Foods Favored By Fat Executives

Different Dishes Over Time

Food selections at expense account lunches change over the years. Here is the state of the art on the left and right coast. Further study needs to be made of the vast center of the nation, where there is less selection of sites, less time devoted to the institution of lunch, and lower tolerance to felonious pricing based on the elasticity of corporate plastic. 

Note should be made of the rise of Cobb Salad, a meal that includes some of the fattiest foods on the planet -- avocado, bacon and cheese. The dish has succeeded, however, in gaining ascendency by providing the illusion of being in some way moderate and responsible from a caloric point of view. It seems to have done this by calling itself a "salad," when in fact it is really nothing more than a mound of fat. The only other trend of importance appears to be the relatively recent comeback of some forms of fondue. Can quiche be far behind? 

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