Bulls**t Jobs

Computer Support Technician

Biting Computer

A reader from New York writes:

Mind numbing cubical lifestyle. Forced to wear a tie just to speak with people on the phone. Occasional caller in tears due to frustration. Techie type callers who enjoy reject tired and true solutions and substitute their own reality.

Negatives: Must enjoy computer illiterate types with short fuses.

Positives: Develops great motivation to seek out a new job and use that college degree.

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don't forget the upside of screwing jerks over and having them thank you for it. "oops, sorry, I just can't seem to recover that file. I need to reimage your machine"

Right On!!!!!

Not a BS job....it just sucks.

Positive: The moment of silence after you explain the issue / resolution to them, and they realize that they are an idiot. It only lasts a few seconds, but you can practically hear their thoughts!