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A reader in Maryland writes:

My boss is definitely a bully. He is so controlling and manipulative, I seriously doubted I could work with him. Things began to build up until he pushed me too far, then I stormed in his office, closed the door, and told him off. He was angry, then shocked. He acted like his behavior was the result of my not "working efficiently". I later found out that a lot of previous employees had left because of him, and he was considered "difficult to work with". Since he had a well-known reputation as being difficult, he apparently was afraid to have it proven by my leaving 2 months after starting working for him. He backed off and left me alone, but occasionally he raises up like he is going to strike. Either I strike first, or take off for a few days to let him cool off. When I return, he basically avoids me. So now we have a "working" relationship, and I no longer leave work with a headache.

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I have a boss like that; total bully. I got in his face and told him he was an SOB and that I would not take his abuse. When he acts like he is going to strike, I too strike back or first or tell him "whatever" like I don't care. Which I don't - he can't live in my head for free anymore, he must pay.