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Desperate for a summer slowdown

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Hi. I'm back from one of the longest trips I've made in a while. I started in New York last week, went to L.A., from L.A. to San Francisco, then back to L.A., then home to New York again last night. I'm whipped. And I had to be in at 8:30 this morning for two hours of legal work on a matter I can't tell you about. It's not pleasant. But it has to be done, even though it's right after Memorial Day and traditionally the time when we're all meant to be thinking about other things. Like Summer.

It reminds me of last Holiday season, mid-December, when everybody was supposed to be out partying with great heartiness, but instead we were all thinking about economic woes and pending strikes and that kind of nonsense. Wasn't much of a Christmas. I don't even remember getting any figgy pudding.

The trend, it is now obvious, is that we're all heading for the 52-week year. Numbers must be reported each quarter. Deals are often done right around vacation times, like Labor Day and New Years. There is, quite literally, no down time, no slow season, no time to decompress and ponder.

Other factors:

  • Dementia caused by constant digital communications, in which portions of the human personality are quietly being expunged over time, leaving nothing but constant communicators hooked neurologically into the System;
  • Younger business people who see great wealth around them they haven't yet tapped into, with the energy and lack of personal life to dedicate themselves to doing nothing but making money all the time, every day, every minute of every day;
  • Too many MBAs and investment bankers who only make money when deals are done, so deals need to be done all the time, even if no deals are around that make sense; the perfect time to cook up weird deals is during times when other people are trying to relax;
  • Older executives who have jettisoned all human relationships, have too much time on their hands, their kids are grown, nobody really wants to hang with them unless there's some business reasons to do so, so they keep business going all the time to stave off the crushing loneliness of existence;
  • Other.

The outcome of all this is obvious. The month of April was hell, because we were all preparing for May. May was as bad as we feared, only worse. We lived for June. Now June is shaping up to be a killer as well.

Will July and August follow? When September arrives, will we all return somewhat refreshed from a slightly slower pace of those long, hot summer days? Or will it just be more and more and more and more of the same, only more so?

The Japanese have a word for it: Karoshi. It means death from overwork. So far, the word has only been a necessity in Japan. It looks like here, as in so much else, we're adopting their best practices.

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Mr. Bing,

Will any advice we find in Executricks when it is released tomorrow help us deal with ever-creeping Karoshi?

Also, I will not be able to get my copy of Executricks until Noon tomorrow (Central.) Can you give us a sneak peek in tomorrow’s column?


Leave the rat race to the rats!

Talk about negativity. What kind of mood were you in when you wrote this? I suggest staying away from open windows, loaded pistols, nooses etc! C'mon, write something to give us a positive boost; quick.

Dementia and Death by over work are self inflicted injuries.
This can be avoided by placing things in PERSPECTIVE.
The rules for survival are as follows:

What is important today doesn't mean squat tomorrow.

They can kill you but they cannot eat you.

Avoid reading memo's, they will take up brain space, which may result in you not remembering that prom night scene in the back seat of the old chevy with whats her face.

The only power people have over you is the power you give them,so when they make you mad it's your fault for taking them more seriously than they deserve.

The job you have is there to serve your purposes, you are not there to serve it's needs.

Remember even the most powerful person in the world still wipes his own butt. there is no magic to these people when you picture them on the crapper.

Making money is good, spending it is even better.

The economy is not slowing down it is picking up speed in a new direction.

Keep these thoughts in mind during your stressful days and you will survive to fight on another day.

Tony, you're right. I'll cheer up! I was in a bit of a bad mood this morning, but I cheered myself up with a nice business lunch with an old friend.

That is one of the most important tips that will be in Executricks tomorrow, in fact -- it's all about living the life inside the velvet box. Those who can use the system with flair may, after work and practice, end up with a well-paid and flourishing faux retirement. Stay tuned for more! And get prepared to tell me YOUR executricks. I'll be asking.

everything, everywhere, all the time.

Did you get the memo about the new cover page for the TPS reports?

My week wasn't much better and I didn't have to suffer through L.A., is it bad that I laughed while reading this?

"figgy pudding" ?

Should I know what this is? (I grew up in the South, we have no such thing.)

"Does absolute power corrupt? Absoutely!"

Executricks trickle down the corporate ladder: Chairman of the board to CEO, CFO, COO.

The executory (in-force rules) shroud the empowered.

The executor (HRM) predisposes the duties of the executioner to prepare the pink slip.

Karoshi may be the morbid outcome of "ORGANIZATIONAL EXECUTRICKS".


Diamonds are made under pressure, of course so is applesauce so we will just have to see what state of matter we are all in after the long, hot, pressure filled days of summner... vegetable or mineral. I am betting on Vegetable, its shaping up to be one of those years.

Some really interesting insights Bing! Thanks! I wanted to share one of my own that I came across recently.
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Here’s the link to that book I recommend:

- a James Ray Fan

I guess this is what happens when people stop viewing money as a tool to facilitate exchange and, instead, let it become their god.