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Disc jockey

Disc Jockey

A reader from Tennessee writes:

The pay isn't that great, but filling out this form is actually part of my job description because it falls under the show prep category. I sit around and listen to music and run my mouth all day. Not bad.

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Yep. 100% BS. Why? Because DJs are not musician.

100%. i worked as a dj for a while for one of the top stations in the area. The entire station was computerized. Every 20 minutes, we talked.

that was it.

I did this for a top radio station in this area. 10 bucks an hour to sit on your ass, eat chinese, and push buttons. I didn't even have to choose music. It was already in a computer. I just talked every 20 minutes.

My biggest responsibility: using Weather.com to figure out the forcast and announce it, 35 minutes past the hour... from the "Weather Center down the hall."

That was always my dream job. So much I do it for free !

Who said they were musicians, dork?