Bulls**t Jobs

General Manager of a national chain of Movie Theatres

Theater Manager

A reader from Los Angeles writes:

Upside: free popcorn, free movies, 65,000-75,00 p/ yr (depends on bonuses), work hours that I choose

Downside: Glorified babysitter, almost all of my employees are High School kids

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You hit this one on the money . . .

Sounds like teaching...except in teaching you make $10,000 less...oh, and no popcorn. plenty of filmstrips though. :-)

I would wager the salary is more like $25K-$35K. Sorry charlie, but you just aren't all that as a manager of a movie theater.

The salary range of 65,000-75,000 actually is pretty accurate. Many theatres bring in over $10 million a year, and the job is actually quite a bit more involved. Someone who would think the salary would be 25,000-35,000 is naive.