Get your fresh Executricks! Hot off the presses!

Excited Employees

Today marks the publication of my new book, Executricks, or How To Retire While You're Still Working. Over the course of the next weeks we'll be adding quizzes, contests and galleries of famous tricksters who have made world and corporate history. I hope you enjoy each and every one.

The plethora of entertaining material on the subject, does not exhaust the subject, of course. It is merely an appetizer, an amuse bouche, a canape on the big platter that is the book itself.

The good news is that we provide a link to some of the fine establishments at which you can purchase this mandatory handbook, which will help you establish peace of mind and relaxation while you are on the job, "working" every day and bringing in the kind of money we all require to live in this crazy world.

Go ahead. Click on the link. It's so easy that even a retired person can do it!

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There are virtually handbooks for every occupation imagineable today.

Cookbooks galore dominate the homemakers pantry. Same holds true for sales, industrials, trades, aero dynamics, sports, gardening, and corporate how-to books; namely, "EXECUTRICKS".

Books tend to be rooted back to past innovative handbooks like "PLAYBOY and "HUSTLER".

"HUSTLER" had a wide ranging audience when it featured "ASSHOLE OF THE MONTH".

Those of us in the audience at your no-Power Point (yay!) 'seminar' in Albany, NY yesterday with a healthy sense of humor about work really enjoyed ourselves, and the book is GREAT--always happy to get more tips on mixing RIP (Retirement in Place) with various AWAPs (Another Work Avoidance Program), and 'Executricks' offers so many genius ideas, it's hard work to pick a favorite. Thank you again for the pre-breakfast meeting executive coaching, and for taking time afterwards to chat with us. For everyone else, as Bing wrote in the copy that my husband is giving to HIS boss, "You need this book!"

PS to Bing: If you ever get back to New Rochelle, try the best Indian restaurant in the tri-state area, on Division Street.