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A reader from Virginia writes:

I think Government Contractor is a very good example of a bullshit job. Here are the details: 


The Pay: Not bad.  High five to low six figures.  If they paid you any less, the client might think you aren't worth their money. Besides, if the government doesn't spend all their money, they lose it from next year's budget.

The Upside: getting paid to wait 10 weeks for security clearance while writing the great American novel and mastering eBay

The Downside: Red tape becomes a way of life rather than a distraction

The real downside: Your contract just got extended until 2014. 


Stanley Bing replies: No question. It's pretty clear that any kind of work for the government must now be considered for bigtime bullshit status, including elected positions and lifetime sinecures, like the Supreme Court. I'd like to pose a question in that regard. Do you think that police in Arizona will ask everybody they stop for a traffic infraction to prove their citizenship? Or just the guys with the picks and shovels. I find it hard to believe that a white man in a nice herringbone suit will be asked to show his citizenship papers, what about you? 


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sounds like it leaves you lots of free time to climb trees, get bark under your nails, and whatnot.

Upside: a generally low stress job compared to private industry.

Downside: some degree of risk that the contract will not be renewed. Forcing you to switch to another government contractor, at a lower pay rate.

Red tape: The government uses more trees for paper each year than than all of the forest fires in the U.S. combined.

Try waiting over a year for a security clearance. First you submit it, then you sit around for 10 months asking why you haven't gotten an interim clearance. After 10 months, the government office responsible for the clearance realizes that they lost your paperwork and you need to resubmit it. Wait another 2 months and get you interim clearance that limits your access to development environments only. Get so bored that you want to scream and run out of the place. Scan monster.com for new positions where you might actually be able to work. Tweek resume and start sending them out.

Contractor needs to Vent. I am a contractor for the DEA All I hear about is how Gov contractors are no good, we are not held accountable for this or that. Well the real story! On this job the contractors do everything, we come in any time day or night to fix issues, while the gov employees are not held accountable for anything! I have seen gov employees with TV’s in there cubical and offices watching movies and soaps all day long while we can not even have a radio in our cubical. Lost equipment, not their fault, Scheduling Technicians to come in and then not showing up to escort them, not their fault. Refusing to help out on mission critical issues. Not their fault. I feel like a babysitter not a contractor. From what I have seen in my 6 years as a Gov contractor is that well over %50 of Government Employees are beyond worthless. If all the so called no good contractors walked out the door today this agency would collapse because not one of the Government employees knows how to do anything. I thin I will get a Gov job so I can make six figures and just look out the window as well. The Government should bend over and kiss our contractor behind. We do the work, not you!