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Hey, Bing! This is Bing! Good start, babe!

Thumbs Up Baby

Comscore, which measures these things, put out a press release today that indicates that my brother, Bing the Search Engine, is off to a pretty good start. This, I have to feel, is at least in part due to the tremendous public relations push that I gave Baby Bing on the day it was born. Here's what Comscore had to say, in part:  

Bing Off to a Good Start in First Week of Search Activity...

RESTON, VA, June 9, 2009 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a preliminary study of the performance of Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, during the first week of its public launch. The results of the analysis show a substantial improvement in Microsoft’s position in the search market in the days following Bing’s introduction...

The data shows that last year, average daily Microsoft (MSFT) searcher penetration (!) was 13.8% of the home/work/university marketplace. This year it was up to 15.5%, a 1.7 point change. Similarly, last year the Company's share of search results pages was 9.1%; this year, after my little buddy reared its bald little head, it was up to 11.1% market share. That's two points of growth, however you do the math.

“These initial data suggest that Microsoft Bing has generated early interest, resulting in a spike in search engagement and an immediate term improvement to Microsoft’s position in the search market,” said Mike Hurt, comScore senior vice president. “... it appears that it is off to a good start.”

I am also happy to report that I, Bing, have also shown gratifying results too, as reported by Bingscore, which I operate to generate data of use to me. In my executive summary of June information, I note that fully 2.4% of those now on the site are new visitors who arrived here out of confusion with the Other Bing. That's okay. They are welcome here bigtime. We Bings take growth where we can find it.

I'm still waiting for that box of stogies, though. I wonder if Microsoft sent them UPS Ground. That's as slow as dial up, you know.

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I really wonder if they will beat Google any time soon. We used to use Google earlier but now we use our own search at Real Consulting.

But if it does anything like come score is suggesting, this would be awesome for marketing options

I am a new user on Bing, good job.! Found it well organize and quicker for extracting information I need.
I am now using Bing as my default search, go Microsoft, goombye Googly Googly.

I hope Microsoft has their act together if they need to give Google a run for their money.

Bing is annoying. It launched itself into my browser and replaced Google as my preferred search without asking me. Its just another scam bot.

Bing sux...I've tried it and I always go back to Google....plain old MSN search was better than Bing

I was a bit skeptical that it would be good at all, but I have to say the service has delivered. I have had enough of Google and really like the new service (having options is good). Plus, it is providing me with much more relevant information then either the original live search, Google or Yahoo. Goes to show, with Bing on your side all is good.

Bing is doing good. It is my default search engine as well. It does not have to beat Google or Yahoo. But I think they will steal some market share from Google. How much? - only time will tell.

Love the new Bing! Not only does it pull more pertinent websites, but that little red bar that appears to the right when you hold your mouse over that find, shows all the pages within the website and basic information! Cool, love it!

The power of the Bing!

Do we have some Microsoft people leaving comments on this page? Sure looks like it.

Bing, I'm not an early adopter. I'll stick with you, as you have proven yourself over a long time. But "Bing the Search Engine" will have to wait. Let the market place sort it out. I'll wait.

I recently bought a new computer and needed to transfer my Zune music library to it. I decided to try Bing to find the best way to do the transfer. The search term I entered was "transfer zune library to new computer". Almost all the results related to the iPod and none had the information I needed.

Try the same search on Google and first hit is relevant. Also the 6th hit points to Microsoft's own website ( Good luck with Bing!

My little boy asked me where ladybugs come from, so we tried to look it up on Bing. Bing went off on a long, rambling rant over the cost of living, medical care for incontinent pooches, and pricey hamburgers. Very educational, that Bing!

bing rocks! happy you see some traffic too ... I am really enoyed by Google.....they really messed up internet with junk on just about every page ...hope softy will not do the same...the search organization is awesome!

Congratulations, Bing. Everything seems to be going fine for both Bings.

The failure of the cigars to arrive does cause a bit of concern. I have a fine French Burgundy in my hand (the one that isn't typing). A good cigar would go well with that.

As far as I'm concerned, Bing hasn't delivered until they deliver the stogies.

Course, if they're developing this product out in fruitflake land (Redmond Washington) they're probably having a hell of time finding an approved organic cigar made of free-range fair trade tobacco that is incapable of being lit. Wouldn't want you to kill anywone with all that sidestream cigar smoke or contribute to global warming.

Meet the new Bing, same as the old Bing... Does that hold true here like it does in the song?

This Bing is entertains more than the new one. And ideal for after-hours timewasting.

As for the search engine, I still prefer Google. I'm sure I will continue to prefer Google, even if I'm told that Bing is the next best thing since frozen margaritas.

Habits are hard to break. ;)


Bing, Yahoo, and google are no more than a Chevy, Ford, or Jeep being used on a sight seeing trip of common sights on an itinerary.

Now, the Bing Blog is a lot more exciting: Like touring El Moro perched at the entrance of San Juan Bay and living the feeling of superiority over intruders and subjecting them to cannon fire for crossing the line into sovereign territory.

Bing can be impressive and entertaining.

The Bing Blog, like the cannons of El Moro, serve to be a potent reminder that crossing the line might get you a cannon ball.

Bing needs to be revamped to get the very basic things right.

I just tried Bing by typing in few websites. Unbelievably, bing returned nothing. These are real websites. How can microsoft be so screwed up? BTW, google immediately returned the correct results, the websites.

Bob, you're quite correct. Bing the blog reeks of rich corinthian leather, with strong undertones of peat.

You guys are losin' it.

Good to see that the Bing Plan for endorsement of Bing is working.

Bing congratulations, now about that negotiation for the time you want a credit line set up with your favorite cigar emporuim. It is a win win. You get the cigars on your time table they (BING MSFT)don't use any fossil fuels to accomadate your demands, thus keeping them in the green cirlce as "user friendly"...Hey Bing when you gonna start the marketing business...

Badda BING!

Bing it! Bing...

Hi Bing, this has nothing to do with your column today, but I was wondering if you saw the story about the woman who sued the makers of Cap-n-Crunch with crunchberries because she found out the crunchberries weren't real fruit! I knew there were stupid people in this world, but that one deserves the first prize!

My quick-test results were mixed. I typed in my wife's name: Bing - 3, Google - 5,730. Typed in my name: Bing - 5,880,000, Google - 58,400. Conclusion: more tests required. (unlike Ryan, I have the time)

Bing: When I first heard about the "other" Bing, I was sure that you were the developer. When I realized otherwise, I wondered whether Microsoft would compensate you or not. A box of stogies is hardly adequate compensation.

The success so far of Microsoft’s new search engine Bing depends on which numbers you look at. Different sources claim that Bing is still growing, has lost traffic, or has leveled off. Some say Bing is already ahead of Yahoo, while others say that was temporary. I don’t know which set of figures is true

It's interesting to see how there already are sites combining both searc engines, such as or

Yo Bing, hey bing! Its so catchy and I love it. My friends and I are now saying it just for fun. I think microsoft should associate bing with a little asian boy genious. Hey bing, yo bing! It catches on and more people will refer to use the search engine by getting it stuck in their heads