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Hey there, Phil from New York!!

Beach Hammock

Students of this blog will note that Phil from NY, NY just weighed in a while ago in a prior posting and accused me of slacking for skipping a Friday post. Guess what, Phil? You're right!

I'm at the beach. Downstairs, CNBC is reporting that the market is up a lot today. There are some steaks in the fridge and the sun just came out!

Labor Day will be here soon enough, guys. You have my permission to take the rest of the day off.

And have a great weekend, huh?

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Right about what? That you're working bloggers hours?

dear stanley fridays are really tight for me and I need your blog on my desk first thing in future please consult with my office before taking the day off as you can see i now have no idea where to punctuate

Uncle Bing's tone is fun. I really like it.- student from china


I'm sure that you followed the corporate procedures and policies and obtained prior approval from your immediate supervisor to take Friday off. However, Fridays when the market is up are a particularly bad time for business world bloggers to take vacation. As a professional, you should know this. Don't do it again.