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I want my iPad!


Have you seen it? Boy! This thing is really the super-coolest, make-you-wanna-droolest gizmological objet d'art around! I'm looking at a picture of one right now. Steve Jobs is holding it, which makes it even more awesome! You can tell that it's light as air. It's very flat. It's got the Apple desktop that we all know and love from our MacBooks and iPhones and iPods and it's gonna play movies and music and you can read books on it and play games on it and wowsers, I just can't wait to get one.

I was the first on the block to get a Nomad back in the 1990s, a toy from Creative Labs that had, like, 6 Megs of storage and held hundreds of tunes. It didn't really work very well unless it was sitting on a level table, but the whole idea of having music digitally stored? Awesome! Gotta get me one!

I was the first on the block to get a digital camera, too. It was great. It had 64K of storage and took itty bitty pictures that looked like they'd been through a washing machine, but I saw where the whole thing was headed and here we are today with cameras whose images can be blown up to poster size with no noise or vignettes whatsoever! If you know what I'm talking about then you know what I'm talkin' about.

I had the first generation iPod and the second generation iPod and the third generation iPod and lo unto all the generations of iPods, including the touch screen, but not the iPhone, because so far I don't really want the iPhone, because of my BlackBerry. I'm true to my BlackBerry but the moment I leave business I'm going to get me an iPhone. In fact, most of the guys I know who are either unemployed or retired have them. In fact, I associate iPhones with being unemployed, under-employed or retired. So I don't have one yet. But I'm going to want one, I promise!

And now here comes the ultimate thang that you have to want because in a way it just might cancel out all others and come to dominate our lives so that we never need to be home ever again! We can just wander around receiving content from all over the place and never want for anything stimulating as long as we're holding a charge! Best of all, did you hear it's going to save newspapers and music companies and magazines and movie studios and television producers and everybody in the world who needs saving in this new digital environment? I love that! Nobody will ever want for anything again and all industries will be saved by this one masterful stroke!

A new day is dawning! Thank you, Apple! Thank you, Steve! When can I get mine?!

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Geez,,,what a salesman you are,,,Jobs should be giving you a job,,Where can I get one,,what colors do they come in and is the screen sratch proof,,,cause it looks like it's exposed to the elements all the time ??? Can the fonts and other things be easily enlarged cause us older types might want that...if this will save trees and reduce carbon emissions do I get a tax reduction...

Please oh please tell me more...

Didn't Moses have two of them when he came off the mountain...or was that Charleton Hesston...???


Call me old fashioned, but I still like the feel of newsprint between my hands when I read a newspaper. That also includes a good book!

How many frigin' electronic gadgets do you need that all do the same thing?

no offense but u either seem really happy with the new day thats dawning or ur being sarcastic and dont believe that the ipad is all that great. either way the truth of it all is that steve jobs has once again managed to create another product that pulls us away from our homes and only keeps us limited to a zone that includes a plug to charge it...and with the ten hour battery that wont be for awhile. is this a big advance in technology or is this another striking blow to obesity and people (like me) who are dirt poor. so whether u get one or not, to most people all it will be is another gay fanasty for middle america.

Amen Bing! I agree... the iPad is the "big bang" for the tablet industry. Its going to change the market AND the way consumers compute. And it will only get better! It will also force the other hardware and software providers to catch up in their products and their thinking like they are trying to do with the iPhone. It will make a whole new market. Its good to be alive!... and truly, I feel this is probably the biggest innovation of the 21st century thus far. This one device (and its progeny) will meaningfully change how people live.

As for the newspapers and magazines... they have to see it for what it is in order to be saved... they have to get off their butts and realize this is a new epoch and starting today they have to become a new thing. They are now a real time media company, an internet company, whatever you want to call it... but they are NOT a once a day or once a month publisher any more... Those days are LONG gone, so start acting like it!... And the printed work is merely a vestigial artifact... a niche product for only those who want it.

i want mine too Bing!

I know Jobs is a genius. His engineers and designers top rank, but this name, I Pad, sounds like something you buy in a drug store.

Wow, slow comment day. Where are all the Apple fanboys and Apple haters? They must be busy arguing on a different blog...

Yeah! Parker is right! Where are all you guys!

Why use an iPad when you can have an iRock:

I watched the 1 and 1/2 hour roll-out with Steve Jobs and company and was totally knocked out. This is a game changer and is totally affordable as well. Want it want it want it...and i'm not a gadget person or an early adapter ordinarily...

Wonderful article. You personified Apple-Drones perfectly. The "hint" of sarcasm was BRILLIANT. As subtle as a kick in the groin, yet somehow lost on some readers.

Paul must thinking of the next new more powerful version: the max ipad,,,the apple boys are working on the fit and feel of that model...

Job's musta forgot how people are gonna pack these things around,,,whatta we do?? buy pants& jackets with very large pockets???

I have a few suggestions on how to improve it,,,Lets attach a hinged cover to protect the screen and build a key board into the cover and call it a "lapipad" something you can set on your lap and type on...have a popout handle on it and call it a "handi lap ipad"

The American version will come with two drink holders built into it..the Canadian version will come with a tissue dispenser built into it cause we are always crying about something..


Do you know what happens when you've been nonplussified? Neither do I!

But I got another bottle of champagne on ice tonight, as it so happens.

This should help me, and can certainly do me no harm as I contemplate this conundrum.

The first Crown Royal's on me, Jack. Enjoy!

Why Bing, you unabashed Apple fanboy! It's nothing more than a humongous iPhone.

IPad is great!!! Steve Jobs is a genius, he did it again!! now more than ever I'm determined to divorce my wife and marry an Ipad. I can see the Ipad doing a better job educating my kids, Ipad will change the way we communicate, we think, we drink water. Ipad is a game changer. IPad will solve climate change, cure cancer and will help us to communicate with aliens,,,yeah! the printed work is a vestigial artifact,,,whatever that emans, but I agree!!! Ipad changes everything!!! Viva Ipad!!!

Parker wrote: "Wow, slow comment day. Where are all the Apple fanboys and Apple haters? They must be busy arguing on a different blog…". We are here, but I do not think many of us are that excited about IPad

Somebody said that IPad is really a food tray with nine IPhones glued on.

I think if computers were invented first and then paper was introduced to the market it would be the world's greatest invention. Just think what might be said about paper. 1). It's great you can take just about anywhere (Train, Bathroom). 2) No power needed. 3) Several large pieces of paper can contain news such as writings on a variety of topics such as world new, business and sports on one page. 4). Paper can be recycled 5) Other great minds are talking about new products coming such as the iMagazine which will have a glossy field according to some reports and might contain vouchers for discounts for products which are going to be called coupons according to a unnamed source. I'm not really feeling the iPad because I believe it's just a little overkill of products we already have at our fingertips.

Sad to say the ipad dispenser accepted only exact change..

.umm -- won't be 1st on the block ...waiting for more gigs,the camera and the big bonus that'll allow such frivolity. Hurry Bing and get one so we can read an honest opinion...soon!

Apple just trumped three markets with a single device ... again.

This time around they've set the bar for netbooks, tablets, and e-readers -- but instead of looking at it like that, let's consider what the iPad really is ... so those foaming at the mouth with rabid hate and unsupported prejudice can get on with their day and go be angry at something else for no apparent reason.

While Apple positioned the device's category somewhere between the iPhone and the notebook categories, the iPad is first and foremost Apple's take on the e-reader category. With so much attention directed toward how the iPad was going to save newspapers, magazines, and others involved with the print industry -- as well as the revolutionary steps Apple's team has taken with publishers to build the iBookstore, -- it's clear that the e-reader category was in their sights during the development of the device.

When you compare this e-reader to the others, there's simply no question as to which is top notch -- the kindle's 9.7" screen is set at $489 ... whereas the iPad is set at $499.

Is the ten dollar difference worth an iPod, internet communication device, iTunes, iBookstore, gorgeous display, picture library and picture slideshow capabilities, multi-touch, maps, movie and television entertainment viewing, 10 hour battery life, and the app store -- which, with it's 140,000 apps, pretty much covers everything else you could possibly include. Oh yeah, and there's iWork, which enables you to actually create, save, send, and present documents, email, a full-size keyboard, accelerometer, calendar, notes, contacts, and spotlight.

Oh, and as far as the e-ink argument goes, cry us all a river about your poor eyes. But before you do, save us all the time and realize that you most likely stare at a computer for several hours a day anyway. Besides all that, who want's to stare at a screen that looks like it's straight outta' 1994 anyway?

In addition, the iPad enables users to browse online magazines and newspapers more naturally -- without the constant pinching and pushing you may have experienced with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

For those complaining that there's no phone -- just download an app and use the 3G network to make free VoIP calls. No camera -- i'd like to see you try and take a picture with the iPad ... again, do you have some need to travel back in time when displays sucked and cameras were giant?

It's not for everyone -- but this sure would be nice to have in the car, bedroom, kitchen, plane, or train.

It's fine not to be interested; it's another thing to hate it simply to hate it.

No one's making you buy it ... so shut the cuss up and stop trying to tear it down simply because you're bitter or sour or rank.


I have a Wang PC in the basement, but I don't like to brag about it.

Thanks, Jeff. I used to love my Wang, but I outgrew it.

Man, somebody sure got a fanboy riled up!

Let's see, you take a netbook and remove the hinge so it won't fold up.

Then you hook it to AT&T, which is already overloaded with iphones.

Then you sell it to some poor stiff who already owns a Mac that WILL fold up!

I just love the idea. It seems that Steve Jobs could sell road apples to horse farms.

Fanboy...nobody is a hatin' on your newly coveted device! So shut the cuss up and buy one and stop trying to talk 'em up simply because you're all starry eyed like a giddy Apple techno-geek.;)

You're drooling over an over-sized iPod Touch...what's so revolutionary & cool about it?

Unnamed sources claim apple, in it's unstoppable quest for innovation is developing a NEW product that's gonna be the ultimate game-changer of them all! apparently it's gonna be called the 'iCrack' and will make touchscreens and physical gadgets eat the dust!!

This new device comes in powder form. The high priest at the Church of Apple says it's gonna change the way you interact with people, see the world, hell, it's so good it's gonna rewire your brain to make it work like it should!

Honest to their strategy, iCrack is restricted to be sold only by apple's iPimps and iDealers, and while the iCrack experience enhances your life and makes you more hip and with it, it works only for a limited ammount time. Don't panic tho! iPimps and iDealers are even better than online content! They're a service crew to your needs, and will re-supply your New World experience everywhere, anywhere you need it!

Prices will be as follows:
iCrack - $900 (contains 5 hits, each lasting 4 hours)

iCrack Plus - $2000 (applied with a needle and into a vein, provides 3D experience and improves, better speed... kinda like a 3G)

Soon enough apple will be launching some Add-ons for all you limited-experience subhumans!! Such Add-ons will be:
iCoke (enchancement for iCrack)
iKill (a security handheld device to protect your iCrack from unwanted instrussions)

Money for Nothing

I want my,
I want my,
I want my,
I pad, meeeeeeee!

Look at them Poddies,
that's the way you do it,
you get the Times,
I the I pad, see!

That ain't workin,
network's overloaded,
Come on now,
Don't blame AT&T.

We got installed
custom applications,
Lightning fast delivery?

We got to move these liberators,
We got to move this tender kidney.

Geez, Bing....if I wrote that you'd delete it! 'course, it is YOUR blog.

I can't imagine why anyone would want one of these for their bedroom, unless of course their Wang has gotten so old that it no longer works. Tiger Woods probably doesn't have an iPad in his bedroom, or in the back seat of his Escalade, for that matter.

Funboy, that's the best post I've seen in a long time. Good work.

Re all this talk about "Wang":

Are we talkin' the Howlin' Wolf version or the Koko Taylor version?

"We're gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long"

I hope I never outgrow my wang thang.

Wang Chung

hey Bing.. Money talks.. we will se how apple's fortunes (no pun intended) fare with this product.. when people get to an apple store for some hands-on testing.... they will vote with their wallet.. BTW check the home-made ipad ad

Bing, Apple stock dropped after they showed off the new iPad. It's a $500 boat anchor. Let's not get orgasmic about it. We know you were pulling our collectives legs.....we hope!

To Miami Paul Ireally tuneful post Mark K would smile

Seems like the economy is getting really tight when these great innovators of "wireless junk" must compete with "Toys R Us"???

The $500 price point is the most interesting thing about the iPad. Any more than that, and it would have been dead in the water from the day it launched. At $500, it's a killer deal for anyone who uses their computer more for consuming content rather than creating it.

Lot's of interesting applications for this thing, but almost all of them rest on someone being willing to pay for one in addition to a regular computer / laptop. That will limit the market size.

Texas Tom,

I neither live nor wish to die in L.A..

And I'll take your Wang Chung and raise you a Chung King.

Come on now Tom, you Lone Star boys invented the game.

And possibly the bad beat considering what happened in San Antonio about 170 years ago.

No Flash = Piece of trash

All hail the iPad! It should take over our government in one glorious app.

I can't wait,either. I am amazed by all the nay sayers. I was going to buy a Kindle and a young man wisely said to me, "Wait for Apple's ereader." Well, this is the ultimate ereader -- plus every other neat application under the sun.

Enough of IPad,,,,,,,how about Toyota and the pedals?????

Paul Miami: you are funny man,,,I do not about the game but you are right about the beat!!!!!

Tom, you're right. It's time to think Toyota. Unfortunately, I am traveling today and can think of nothing but whether to have the beef or the chicken. Back at you guys tomorrow. Until then, why not read some golden oldies in the stack?

Bing I was thinking Toyota and I was gonna give them a cheap shot,

but then I had a flashback on some American made cars/trucks,,,you know the ones that rusted before your eyes in the driveway, exploded in to a ball of flames on impact,,,had transmissions that never let you down unless you were driving somewhere important like home from work on the freeway during rush hour,,,

So I figured a gas pedal that may or may not stick wasn't worth talking about.

Good Luck Bing!

You're going to break that thing into half when you have it... I promise. Read the spec.

Jack, back in those days we didn't have the ipad, iphone, and cell phone etc. to call 911 like we do today. Enjoy the feeling of having the shower of power!

Thank you all. This is the best batch of comments I've ever read on a blog. You had me laughing until I cried, and I'm not being facetious. My favorites were the Max iPad and the Wang comments. I've got to get back to work now, though.

Hey, Becky! It's like that around here all the time!

I was waiting for a punch line because I thought this article was a joke. Wow, a little over the top on the salesmanship, no?

Obviously, Eric, you've never really wanted a piece of hardware.


you seem a little too happy about the iPad. You should watch the keynote. Its basically a bigger version of the ipod touch.