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Immortal Life Can Be Yours!!

The Immortal Life
The Immortal Life: A Soon To Be True Story
On December 5th, my latest novel was published by Simon & Schuster. It's called Immortal Life, and it takes a look at what the very near future might look like if we continue on the road we're now travelling on.
It's the story of a really, really old douchebag with more money than God who has everything a mogul could possibly want... except immortality. That, he hopes, he can purchase with state-of-the-art consciousness transfer tech. The concept is easy, and now being explored by everybody whose bank account begins with a T. You upload the contents of your mind -- consciousness, personality, acquired knowledge, the whole thing -- into the Cloud, which holds it while you prepare a brand new body for it.
Now, believe it or not, technology now underway will make the creation of that new body possible in a few years. When the new shell is ready? Zap. Down it goes into the brand new, young, powerful body -- and there you are. A whole new you, good for another 100 years. 
But what if YOU are that new body? What if, with the creation of your physical being, a small, weak but surprisingly resilient consciousness was produced with it? Would you want to be submerged under the vast, powerful, malignant persona of the mogul who had paid for you? This is the problem faced by Gene, who was created for one simple purpose -- to grant the super-elderly Arthur Vogul eternal life. The thing is, he has other, more personal plans. 
And so begins the fight between two people for one body. Arthur is doomed unless he acquires the body. Gene will be wiped out if his body is acquired. The struggle takes place in a world shaped by all the fabulous tech now being shaped by the geniuses of Silicon Valley. 
Immortal Life: Soon To Be A True Story....   
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