Bulls**t Jobs

Karaoke D.J.


A reader from Phoenix writes:

You stand (or sit) around and push buttons while you drink for free, collect money, and generally d**k around while drunken morons scream their horribly off-key rendition of "Black Velvet" into the microphone.

Upside: Free drinks, easy money, opportunity to meet lots of interesting people.

Downside: It's karaoke.

Note: I'm actually reading this article and sending you this from my job as a karaoke D.J., if that says anything about how bulls**t this job is.

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hey i enjoy my karaoke job in the uk woold love to work somewhere else in the world my email is stevo.karaoke@yahoo.co.uk

I used to do this. Great way to make extra money, drink and have fun while you earn your money. Also a great way to get pissed at people that don't listen or act like a**holes cause you don't have that certain song....