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Library Circulation Technician


A reader in Illinois writes:

Basically check out books to people in a library and shelve them when the books come back in.  Plus answer any and all questions people have and occasionally deal with societal problems such as homeless people and latchkey children.

Upside:  You get to know what secret fetishes people research about.

Downside:  You get to know what secret fetishes people research about.

The Real Ugly:  Pay is only between $20-30 grand a year.  Plus Library Circulation Techs do 99% of the real work in a library while the "Librarians" (Believe it or not you do need a Masters in Library Science to be a Librarian) are sitting in their offices making $50 grand and over while thinking about such intellectually lofty things as the Dewey Decimal System.

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Executive Assistant. Pay sometimes six figures, depends on high up you go in the food chain in a coporation. You get more, if you pretend not to "get the big picture". Remember these fat cats will sell their mothers for a deal. They get a good chuckle on seeing if the CFO can find their b.s. in their expense reports. Pay for assistant is great because it is considered 'combat salary'. Long hours, but hey, good percentage of time is personal shopping for them, their wives, children, girlfriends, etc. Important rule, always find somewhere to put their expenses so they don't come out of their pocket. To get this job, one must have a great sense of humor, the ability to play stupid, deal with temper tantrums, swearing, items being tossed helter skelter daily, if not hourly. Had 1 boss throw his Dictaphone machine out a 2nd story window! Have seen more telephones destroyed in a nano second. As an assistant must understand these fat cats will not use their e-mails, voice mails, carry any cash, expect you to patch up family feuds, & at 2AM if their in jail, you're the lst one they call. However, for every perk they get, you get, good salary, great book material when retiring & amusing all the things these big boys get away with & expect. Plus, getting fired to them is another perk, read their 'golden parachute' clause, now why would anyone perform well with this?

been there done that... agree completely

Been in Circulation for 15 years and wouldn't be any where else.
Its the heart and soul of a library.

I also have been in circulation 15 yrs. Was recently offered fulltime if I was willing to take a 23% pay cut for the priveledge! No thanks, The benefits are not that good and I value my time.