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Monday morning quiz: How do you feel?

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Are you a morning person? Are you a Monday morning person? Or do you need some kind of help on this, the first day of the work week, particularly on a day when it's cold and gray and the wind is blowing against your face, making it wince with the prospect of the hours that lie ahead, eyes tearing, heart sinking?

Okay, I guess you can tell where I stand. But you? I don't know. Take this short quiz.

1. When I wake on Monday, the first thing I want to do is:

a. Check my blackberry.
b. Have a cup of coffee/tea and think about the work that lies ahead.
c. Roll over and go back to sleep for a while.
d. Jump out the window.

2. As I walk from my mode of transportation to the front door of my building, I feel:

a. A spring in my step.
b. A growing sense of responsibility, as the mantle of power settles on my shoulders.
c. I want my muffin!
d. Like a lump of chewing gum on the bottom of the shoe of life.

3. Today the newspaper tells us that the price of all the commodities we need to live is going sky high. This makes me feel:

a. Thoughtful and frugal.
b. Angry and resentful.
c. Determined to retire and move to Bora Bora, if there still is one.
d. Dazed and confused?

4. The Fed is having a difficult time figuring out what to do with interest rates. I suggest they...

a. Do what is necessary to stimulate the economy in the short term.
b. Take responsible steps to safeguard the health of our economic system in the long term.
c. Put a sock in it.
d. What?

5. Word comes the auto makers have agreed to increase the average mileage of our vehicles to 35 mpg by 2020. I think this is...

a. Great!
b. Great for everybody else. I intend to keep driving my Escalade.
c. Way too late. Let's all get mobilized and make it happen sooner!
d. Who cares. We're all doomed anyhow.

6. Complete the following sentence. "I look forward to..."

a. My 4 PM meeting. It's gonna be a gas!
b. My refund check from the IRS.
c. Lunch.
d. Death.

7. Tomorrow, I expect to feel...

a. Pretty much the same. Every day is a challenge I look forward to!
b. A little perkier, maybe.
c. Still angry.
d. Tomorrow?

Okay! How did you score? Give yourself 1 point for every a. answer, 2 for b. and so on. The higher your score, the more you need... something. What do you think it could be? I'm really asking.

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i got a 19 what does that mean ?

1. C (where "a while" is indefinite)
2. C (my tea, actually)
3. B (and people wonder why no one wants to be a teacher or social worker)
4. C (a big scratchy wool one)
5. C (but take off the exclamation point... I hate those people. "Look at my Prius! I'm a better person 'cause I'm killing the world SLIGHTLY SLOWER THAN YOU!")
6. C (but after lunch, D)
7. D (at this point in my career/finances/life -- best not thought about)

Yawn..I need to win a Powerball lottery. You need a more engaging topic to discuss, like "Why is Federal Reserve pretending that there is no inflation?"

Rebecca, you're going to want to see the South Park episode (Season 10, Episode 141, look it up on Wikipedia under "Smug Alert"). It's about how owners of a car called the Pious create a cloud of smug that meets with smug from LA and San Francisco to create a huge disaster. It's hilarious, and it sounds like you'd agree with its general premise.

Thanks for the great laugh, perfect for my Mon morning!

Bing, I agree with Jay. I read today that the US is borrowing 1.4 million a day now from who? That worries me more than a muffin in the morning.

In this convoluted scenario: I can only ask; what would Jesus do?

Hello Bing, I have learned from experience that life is what you make, it is easy to fall into a rut but hard to get out of one. I have been on this job for 24 yrs, I work for one of the big Brokerage Houses, when everyone is in denial, as long as by paychecks don't bounce, I'm a happy camper.

My job is OK - it's just having to go that sucks....

I scored 17.... this morning was particularly hard because I sat in the Linc yesterday for a 3 pic demolition of my teams playoff hopes.. actually, work is a much better place than the Linc, in the cold rain, when my team looses..... I did look fwd to lunch and now I'm looking fwd to going to bed when I get home... Tuesday will be a better day.... I'll take the test tomorrow and should score better....

Bling, correction, that is 1 million a minute or 1.4 billion a day. Ouch!

I need a monkey butler. I'd build a tree house he could live in and a skylight in my roof he could come in and out of. I could yell Hey Fenster, come on in here and make me some chocolate milk! And he'd come. And when he brought me my cholcolate milk I'd say something like Thanks, and do me a favor, pick up the paper from the floor and leave it on the table. Thanks, man. And then he'd go back to his tree house. And whenever I am in a near catatonic state because of my crushingly pointless job, I could think, Well, at least I have a monkey butler, and I treat him a lot better than these jerks treat me. That's something. I guess.

I scored 23 (out of 28). As bad as it sounds, my motivation to go to work every morning, and especially every monday morning, comes from the fact that I need to accrue PTO time for traveling around the world!
I hate being stuck in the US!
I need to see the REST OF THE WORLD!!!. Enough of America already, for crying out loud!
That's my antidote to the Monday morning sluggishness.

I totaled 19 points.... I need something... Well, considering I'm a full time business student, and work full time for a major corporation (in other words 8am-5pm M-F).... I need alot of things!

1. c
2. d
3. a
4. b
5. a
6. c (and then after, b)
7. b (the weekend is one day closer!)

I think I would argue that the lower the number the greater one's need for a distraction from work.

Why do I want to check my work email whenever I am away from my computer?

Why do I look forward to going to the office on Monday morning?

Why do I not have a problem with spending 20+ hours over the weekend in front of my computer doing work for the company I work for?

Why does my job and the company I work for hold spots in my life that I see as nearly equal to that of my wife and daughter?

I hate Monday mornings. I also hate Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, as well. The other days of the week are better (except when I have to help my kid with her chemistry homework-- who knew the 4F electron orbital looks like an hourglass with a bagel around the middle? God must have a sense of humor.) But I digress-- The real issue in your survey deals with the Fed's interest rate policy. I say borrow like a druken sailor, as much as you can regardless of the rate. In his latest speech, our wise Secretary of the Treasury has just announced a coming bailout of all the homeowners who took out mortgages they could not afford, betting they could refi before the teaser rates ended. So, since I borrowed only what I could afford and at a stodgy fixed rate to boot, I feel like a fool. My bad.

In reference to questions 3 and 4, and Jay's comment:
The Federal Reserve are central planners. What they do is central planning. Yes, the same "central planning" you learned about in school that was the bane of Soviet society, that brings about totalitarianism in communist countries. The Fed are America's central planners. The difference is, these central planners aren't trying to plan an economy for the whole country, they're just trying to plan for the Capitalists to have all the cash they want. Now, before you go thinking you're a "Capitalist", I ask you, do you have any real capital to invest? I mean, do you produce more than you consume, and therefore have excess capital for investment? Probably not. Most people don't, and that's why they are not the Capitalists. They are "Consumerists". They have no capital to invest, no real income from assets, and thus exist within an economy of consumption.

Capitalists are doing fine, and don't care much about inflation because they have so much excess capital it doesn't much affect them. The Fed doesn't really give a whit about inflation because they aren't there to appease the Consumerists, they exist to plan for the benefit of Capitalists. Why are the numbers underreported? Because if they were honest about the inflation rate - which some economists are estimating at 10-14% annually - everyone would go into a panic as they realize their real wages are declining, their home appreciation isn't as worthwhile as they believed (and even worse now that it's declining even in nominal terms), and they won't be able to survive on their pensions as prices skyrocket. That's why.

That's what's going on, and that's how the world works. Now forget I've told you anything, and get back to work.

Brandon is so spot on, and now I'm even more depressed than I was when I took the quiz. I wonder if how much you get paid correlates to how happy you are at work? For instance I know people at a fairly high level who say "i make enough, i'm happy with my salary" and the meager 1-2% raises they hand out in corporate america are enough to keep these people afloat. Maybe if you hit that point, you can enjoy your job irregardless, otherwise I feel kind of like terry in that i'd treat a butler a lot better than my employer tends to treat me. Le sigh.
Uh, and attention. Yup that's it.
Umm, good, positive attention. Ya that's really it. Or, uh, Oh just hand me a drink, a drink and a kiss.
Maybe just a kiss.
Ah forget it, I just wanna go home.

Basically I'm just counting the days until I can retire and travel to Europe every three months. I have lost interest in everything else.

14, but would have been 27 a year ago. I have the same job, so that represents an improvement. Still if I need "something", it is probably more in-person contact with colleagues. Distance collaboration is fine, but it leaves me feeling a little disengaged.

It's Tuesday. I was sick Monday, and today I still don't feel up to facing this quiz. But that number 6 is easy -- of the four options, I look forward only to death. Upbeat enough for you?

1) c
2) c
3) c
4) c
5) c
6) c
7) c

I scored a 21. I realize I need more and more money so I can have les and less responsibility and worries.