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This is my first posting in this brand-new blog. I think blogging is different than writing qua writing. In writing, for instance, you often need something to say. Not so with a blog. In fact, the best blogs are lovely hot air balloons rising over the teeming landscape of digital avatars rushing about, to and fro, waving their arms and shouting. In writing, likewise, you think about things for a while, nurse your anger or befuddlement or amusement or working idea, then set it down over a certain period of time and tend it while it's edited, put into production, and sent out into the world to meet its ultimate fate. Not so blogs. First, there's the thinking part.

To a greater or lesser degree, it's unnecessary and generally inconvenient to think too much for your blog. I don't plan to. On the other hand, anger and an overall sense of outrage seem absolutely indispensible for a self-respecting blog. I have always been a very angry person, and my writing has been a way of expiating that anger and resentment. Up until now, I have been forced to space out my bile over a period of time.

For FORTUNE, for instance, I can only get terminally peeved once every two weeks. My books, which you will see featured as ongoing objects for discussion in this space, require me to remain annoyed for months, sometimes years. The blog, contrariwise, is a perfect way for me to express irritation whenever I feel it, unmodulated by other people's opinions or the leavening of time. I think that will be a good thing for me. I look forward to that. 

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The blog, contrariwise, is a perfect way for me to express irritation whenever I feel it, unmodulated by other people’s opinions or the leavening of time. I think that will be a good thing for me. I look forward to that.

very dangerous. Two words. Joe Klein.

Blogs actually fall into two categories. Good bloggers who know what they are talking about, and get pissed off about things they know about, and pay attention to their comments in case they say something stupid....

And bad blogs where idiots foam at the mouth and pretend to know stuff they don't have the first clue about.

Popularity is not, of course, a function of quality. You can be as stupid as you want if

a) One of your stupid remarks turns out to actually have some substance, and you get suddenly famous (see Little Green Footballs)

b) you already are somebody -- or are "group blogging" with an established blogger. (damn, Joe Klein again).

Since you are a semi-somebody (Hey, I never heard of you, but apparently you are all the rage among the media cognoscenti) you can probably become famous --- even get invited to be part of a Russert MTP roundtable and get recognized by nobodys like me, provided you are willing to give up the pretension of pseudonymity... [AGAIN with the Klein!]) you can easily attract an audience by being an idiot.

Right now, the blogosphere is full of popular smart liberals and popular dumb conservatives -- mostly because all the smart conservatives are trying to pretend that they've been moderates all along, and the minute you become a moderate, you are subject to ceaseless attacks by the people who commented on your blog who are pissed off that you are not being an idiot any longer. The attacks wear you down, so you decide to "take a hiatus" from blogging and you find something else to do---which explains the dearth of popular moderate bloggers.

So my advice to you is to shut this blog down immediately, and try again in 2008. You're obviously a smart guy with a facility for prose -- especially the kind of snarky prose that is the gold standard of blogdom, but the blogosphere is full of smart, progressive economic types.

(Of course, the blogosphere also functions as the modern equivalent of the vanity press---only MUCH cheaper. So feel free to be smart and progressive, and make your blog a vanity publication ("not that there's anything wrong with that"))

But being a semi-somebody, you are at risk of some liberal equivalent of Little Green Footballs coming along and gaining an audience by trashing you every time you say something unwise -- and getting linked by the bigger liberal bloggers.

Basically, its a no win situation for you. Which sucks, because like I said you write well -- but do you really want to risk becoming the center of a blogswarm that raises questions about your credibility?

Well, I do go on, don't I? What I really wanted to say is this....

Your choice of fonts sucks. Grey may be the new black (again) but that doesn't make it easy to read on a monitor.

(sent here by that economics blogger over at, in case you were curious.)

I guess I'll have to look at that font thing. As for my first commentator's other thoughts, well, I guess I'll stick with this thing for a while. It's fun.

hey youse guys, keep blogging, you both write well and I enjoy reading well written stuff. the chicken made me laugh

WWMB - "Why would Machiavelli Blog?" If he were around today, how would The Prince use a blog to bring fame and fortune to his friends while impaling his enemies?

Keep up the great writing Bing.

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This is my first time blogging...I liked your blog so much and it sounded like you were probably tired of hearing it around the office for not having a blog. My sympathy and heart felt saddness goes out to you. I guess what you and I are actully doing is giving in to what I call peer blogopressure. What is this world coming to when you are nobody if you don't blog. Well, this is also my last blog, unless you write something else as sad and useless again and I need to come out of my shell to respond.