Bulls**t Jobs

Robot Operator

Robot and Human

A reader from Michigan writes:

Sit and watch the robot do all the work, record statistics of the work every once and a while.  If it breaks call maintenance to come fix it for you.

Pay 13.00-20.00/hour

Upside: You get to sit on your butt and do nothing all day

Downside: Sitting for 8 hours a day for a couple of weeks straight hurts after a while, plus it is incredibly boring.

Darkside: You get lots of time to think, you start plotting ways to actually do some work.

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Sounds like a union job. I used to work construction summers during college as part of the laborer's union. One coveted job was as generator operator. He started up the generators in the morning, sat for a few hours, topped off the gasoline in the generator once or twice a day, sat for a few more hours, shut down the generators, went home. I tried, but I couldn't get that one.

It's not BS if the robots revolt and you are all that stand between them and world domination.

not a real job

That is a Kicka$$ job..I would love to sit around and get paid to ponder.

The question you have to ask yourself,"Is it so easy even a caveman can do it?"
If Victor's right, we could have the cavemen against the robots. Get me a ringside seat for that one.

I guess it depends on what the robots you are operating do-if you work in an hospital operating room and the robots you operate are involved in surgery, there's nothing BS about it. Some robots do tasks that it would be impossible for a human to safely do, e.g., manipulating carbon rods in a nuclear facility-nothing BS about that. If the robots you're operating bore you so much, it sounds like you're getting paid to play with robots, whereas many people have to pay to play-and you thereby DO have a BS job; why not quit and give your boss MY name?