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The Royal Wedding Seating Chart is Published -- and I'm not on it!

Royal Wedding Etch-a-Sketch

The Royal Wedding website announced today the seating chart for the great event that's taking place this Friday morning. For some reason, I'm not on it. Victoria and David Beckham will be there. So will Sir Elton John. I understand that. I also get why Rowan Atkinson will be a welcome addition to the front of the house. He was so funny in the Bean movies and in Blackadder, and is a good friend of the Prince's dad.

"Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family will sit in the front row," the site reveals. "Across the aisle will be Kate's family and friends, who are positioned in the "north lantern" section of the Abbey. Also included in this area, along with the bride's side of the family, is the Earl Spencer, Prince William's uncle." The information concludes on a disquieting note, however. "Over 900 of the attendees will have restricted views of the altar," it says, "and will have to watch the service via video screens."

I'll be honest with you. I don't see a reason to go if I'm going to be one of those who are disrespected in this fashion. I've been to personal and corporate events where I was one of those in the "kid's section," condemned to sit like second-class citizens at the tiny table in the living room where you can hear but not see all the people having fun at the big table in the dining room.  If I'm going to be one of those 900 at a wedding where 1900 people are in attendance, I may consider just sending a gift card or something, and skipping the actual dog-and-pony show entirely.

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"Iv'e been to personal and corporate events where I was one of those in the 'kid's section', condemned to sit like a second-class citizen at a table in the dinning room."

Worthy blogmaster, you would think that Mickkey Mouse, Daffy Duck, and Yellow Bird would have been invited to entertain the second-class citizens perched at a tiny table while the first-class citiizens were entertained by Cinderella and Prince Charming engaged in the process of Holy Matrimony. This is no small gig with Romper Aged children performing the same ceremony in somebody's backyard in a remote and obscure Queens neighborhood.

Where is your loyalty to "Royalty"?

I plan to skip the ceremony and just go to the reception.

My favorite kids section story involved investment bankers who were pitching a moderately big cheese at a big company. The bankers got there 20 minutes early and the MBC's secretary literally had no place to put them. Since it was a bake-off to win a mandate, the bankers couldn't be left in the lobby or competing bankers would see them on the way out.

So the MBC's assistant literally put them in the on-site nursery. When the MBC came to walk them back to his conference room, the first thing he told them was that he would never hire anybody who let someone put them in the nursery. And they didn't win the mandate.