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Spammers are morons


I've already complained to you about the guys who write in with messages like, "Excellent post. It will be very helpful to me in my duties," and then attach some lame link to someplace in which nobody has any interest. Who do they think they're fooling with their smarmy compliments?

They compare favorably, of course, with the vicious Nigerian 419 scamming spammers who famously blanket the inboxes of the world with heart-rending stories of how their brother/sister/uncle or they themselves were once the King of Ruritania and now are trying to get their billions of dollars out of the bank, with your help.  Those guys have actually killed the rare but not unheard-of idiots who actually dropped everything and went to Africa to assist in the extraction and stayed to be kidnapped for ransom.

Today, however, we salute the dim bulbs who have discovered this destination and are now providing the following sort of tidbits. This one came from a correspondent who simply signs his name China:

Opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven are not china wholesale equal to advantages of situation afforded by the Earth. and dvd wholesale advantages of situation afforded by the Earth are not dvd equal to the union arising from the wholesale china accord of Men. There is a city dvds with an inner wall of three li in circumference.

I've boldfaced the links and disabled them. But you get it. A guy named China is sending along some bogus Confucian philosophy with commercial links to... wholesale China embedded in the message! See? China... selling wholesale china! Isn't that clever? I had to laugh when I saw it.

I guess my question is, is there any blog in the world who, upon receiving something like this, doesn't immediately trash it? Who responds to spam like this? Who goes ahead and posts it?

And do the wholesale china people who pay free llamas for your backyard spammers to send out this extraterrestrial business opportunities junk actually think they're getting their sex at the office money's worth?

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If you put my comment on your blog you will be rewarded with good fortune. LOL

Hey. I was notified today that I had won a $1.5 million pre paid debit card. All I have to do is send $25 via credit card to Barrister Peter Collins to pay for DHL costs. WOW I am rich!!! Happy days are here again!!!!

you are ignorant. the only reason people, or automated machines post comments with links is to generate something called "backlinks" to further their Google pagerank. They don't expect people to click it, it's simply for the search engines like Google to increase the pagerank of a certain website.

Google "backlinks" and read up on it and you'll understand what I'm saying.

Buy DVD's wholesale from China..don't make me laugh, I get all of mine from a local kid who steals them from parked cars...can not beat those prices...Support your community,,Buy local...

All it takes is 1 person in 1,000 clicking on the link, or one in 100,000 buying into the trash they sell, for a spammer to turn a profit.

Sadly, in this Great American Age of Dimwits, spammers can always beat that quota.

On that note, ya wanna buy some Bigfoot droppings? Spare UFO transmission parts, very very cheap? 1920s Style Death Rays, hardly even used? A goat-gland transplant, that grants immortality & vast male potency?

If so, go throw your money down the nearest sewer--your stuff will arrive faster.

I too am puzzled by these dolts and their absurd marketing strategies. Seriously, I know of very few people who aren't incredibly irritated by spammers and who wouldn't spend a single cent patronizing any business that had to resort to these tactics which I refuse to call guerilla tactics simply because it's an insult to both guerillas and gorillas. The people who think up these strategies are simply laughable.

Almost as laughable as the low prices I can offer you on Viagra, Cialis, Extenze, Kaopectate, Tinactin or Metamucil. Simply click this link . . . .

Sadly, spammers do this because it works. Fractions of a percent of many million people still = sizable (and gullible) target. And once they got you, they probably got you for awhile.

But on to stranger things; google (or bing) "Churchill High Lap Dance" or "Two Teachers, One Chair". Proud of my city... edumacating with the best of them...


ps - I had to do it before someone else did...

These 'spammers' whose energy and enterpreneurial spirit (which you condemn)is 'part and parcel' of the free-market system....which brings countless economic blessings to all of us.

Bing, before you speak, take a little time to think about the larger picture.

They're not marketers, CS. They're parasites.

Spammers: Sounds like a mortgage broker I once knew, or was it an insurance broker, or was it a stock broker, or was it a banker, or was it a disaster relief fund, or was it for a campaign contribution, or

Gee, put them all in a bag, shake them up, and they'll all sound the same--duh!

Spammers: Sounds like a mortgage broker I once knew, or was it an insurance broker, or was it a stock broker, or was it a banker, or was it a disaster relief fund, or was it for a campaign contribution, or

Gee, put them all in a bag, shake them up, and they’ll all sound the same–duh!

Posted By Bob, Michigan : February 25, 2010 7:07 am


I was with ya, right up until I read that shot at disaster relief funds. I'm gonna have to ask for...proof. I ain't from Missouri, me.

The problem with anonymous posting is that someone can sully an already un-pristine pen name.

I did not make the earlier post under my assumed moniker.

You're right, Bing, they're doing this all wrong.

Let's see, they want your money and offer nothing in return. It sounds like some churches and charities I've run across.

They should stop spamming and move their operations to the USA. Then they could qualify for tax-exempt status!

Yeah, I admit it...I said it, and I stand by it. Spammer is just another word for marketer.

Bosda Murfreesboro: It was reported that there were those who took advantage of of disasters to help themselves.

Please read or listen to the news, all of it.

Bing -

I know that I will be missed greatly, but I will refrain from posting here in the future because obviously somebody else is using my name (the comment Yeah, I admit it…I said it, and I stand by it. Spammer is just another word for marketer. wasn't mine).

Best wishes to all.

Hey, ChicagoSail! Say it ain't so! Stay with us! We're beggin' ya. Or come back with a different moniker, huh? Like... Highland Park Harry?

ChicagoSail, though I didn't always agree with you, your comments were consistently articulate and logical. We'll miss your participation in the blog. Please reconsider.


Your contributions would be missed. What do you say?

Stick around!

Actually, I put a link on a cnn story a few times because my article was related. It served a different perspective that I still felt was valuable for the world to read. In one night my site got 90 hits. A fraction of those people actually read the article--but still, my work is slowly getting out there. If your profession calls for you to be unpaid, then indulge in unpaid advertising, by all means.

Oh, and the website is
for all those who were wondering. Ha.

More stupid Spam, stripped of its links:

Viagra can moment be purchased at a monumental hallmark down junior to its generic name. Just believe your doctor or chemist
also in behalf of the generic Viagra known as Mycoxaflopin.

If I had any say in it, which I sadly don't, there'd be a black ops squad (funded by donations) to track down spammers and execute them on the spot.

I know it sounds like I'm kidding, but I'm not. :-)