Bulls**t Jobs



A reader from California writes:

Okay, are you seated?  High School and Middle School Teacher is now  a BS job.  We have to look like we're teaching the kids something...as long as we please parents, kids and administrators...while doing the 'testing, the SOB, (Standards, Outcomes and Benchmarks)...duh!   Give the kids some fun learning...cover the material (about 3 years worth for each grade level now..but coverage is the enemy of education, remember)...get a T.A. to enter all your bogus grades...give the grades the parents and kids 'want'...rather than what  really is.  Move them along...don't flunk them...(it will depress them, and they'll be on prozac, etc.)...Make sure the ADHD's are medicated well...(right dose)...and looking like they are learning...Well, there's more ...but it's become an unethical, overthetop...BS job...

Also, the salary at my level is about $65K per year!!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, dude....

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You're screwing with the kids' future. Please, do everyone a favor, quit your job and let someone who can take their serious jobs seriously to do it. I don't think you're up to it at all.

My wife teaches 6th grade math and science. She works 70-80 hours a week all 7 days. She quit a very nice IS consulting job working 1/3 the hours at 3x the pay to do this. None of her kids are 'given' anything. They all get what they earn. She doesn't put up with any crap from any parents, kids or staff. She tells the kids how it really is and they all love her.
You need to get out of teaching. You're obviously burned out.

I agree 100%. I am a teacher and we are not encouraged to actually teach students. We as teachers just cover the required information and give tests to seniors that most third grade students could complete. If you do fail students "which almost never happens" the administration yells because it could decrease the schools funding. Such a great system we have of were no student is left behind even if they cant count to ten or tie their own shoes.

My wife is a teacher and I can guarantee it is not a bull*#t job. She works on grading on weekends, has to deal with parents not to mention students who are completely unruly(administration cannot discipline anymore). It is perhaps a bad system but it is teachers who have a lack of care and don't put into the job that are a part of the problem with the education system.

It's funny that you'd brag about the money. You're stuck with whatever raises the union can squeeeze out of local property taxes. Whereas people in corporate America with jobs that really are BS and don't matter (teaching does matter, even if you suck at it) can get unearned bonuses, promotions, counter-offers by threatening to leave, etc...

$65K and politicians lining up to raise it every election you !#@$!@#. But hey, I wouldn't mind that right now myself..plus summers off just like we were kids. Who'd thought a dream job is going back to high school, staring at chearleaders, getting paid to do it and taking the summer off. Hmm...

You really need to do something else for a living. For me, teaching is a calling. I suspect, if you are a teacher, the kids have absolutely no respect for you. Why should they? They aren't learning anything from you.

Teachers like this are the reason Every Child gets Left Behind.