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I'm happy to tell you that it's a very boring day here today and I don't have anything on my plate right now to worry about. I'm not saying there's nothing going on, because of course there is. This is the busiest season of the year, and I have meetings about meetings scheduling upcoming meetings to discuss further meetings at which people will decide when to meet. But none of that is making me feel like fainting or calling Ralph on the big white phone or leaping through the hermetically sealed windows. Hence, boredom.

To be in business now is to be a thrill junkie. Which in our case, most of the time, means the thrill of imminent exsanguination. I remember the past as somewhat more pleasant. But that may just one of those lies our memory tells ourself so we can continue to look forward to some kind of tomorrow without screaming in fear.

There is, of course, only one true cure for boredom in our sub-culture. New toys. It's been months since I acquired anything new and digital. That kind of blows. I need... something. What could it be?

New camera? No. There's a limit to how many digital cameras a person can own and not be considered a lunatic. I'm a few over that limit now. And I am not a lunatic!

New BlackBerry? No. The truth is, I love my current model, especially since I don't like to use them as my phone. It's not one of the most newest ones, true, but weirdly, I have a certainly loyalty to the guy I own. I like its keyboard. I like its color screen. It's been good to me. I'm not going to bail on it this soon, only eight months into our relationship. That would be... callow, I think.

A new car? Don't be silly. I'm not that bored.

Hm. I would really hate to think that I have everything a person could want. I've always tried to want more. What if I've reached the point where I don't need anything more? Would I still be an American? Would I still be... me?

Wait a minute. I'm looking at my cell phone... and... I don't like it! Whew! I don't like my cell phone anymore! Ha! What a rush!

Gee, it's going to be fun to look for a new one. First I'll go online and research all the alternatives. I'm sure there are many. Maybe I'm not happy with my provider? That would open up a whole new window of choices! Get more! Can you hear me now? I'll think about that. Could be interesting. Beyond that, though, there's the whole question of the basic phone itself, its video and digital photography capabilities, built in games and access to media, and whether it can boil soup remotely.

It's a beautiful day outside. There are several stores in my very neighborhood. What am I waiting for? Time is money! And it's time to spend some of each!

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My mother said that making people laugh is the greatest talent. You are truly blessed.
(Ontario is not a state)

House moms at strip clubs are B.S. jobs. Put tape on girls boobs, sew things (only sometimes) make cookies and go online.
And collect $5 a girl.

Instead of technology for curing boredom, please think about this: dash over to Kate's Paperie at lunch and buy yourself and really nice sketchpad and pen. Then think about returning to Bemelman's and, before the martini kicks in, do a few little drawings that capture its magic in the same way your written description of it did. Just a thought,

>>What if I’ve reached the point where I don’t need anything more?

Yup, highly dangerous ideas, should be outlawed as unAmerican. Think of the children who might be exposed to these sorts of ideas?
Think of what it would do to the value of our pension funds if they grew up thnking that way!

Although in your defense, your phrase does imply that you consider consumer electronics as the only possible object of human desire ("don't need _anything_"). Highly commendable example of good parenting.

(England is not a "State" either, really, but if the Comment Pop-up window recognised that, it would also probably be unAmerican)

maybe you should become a photographer and see if you can capture some magic that way. do you really get bored or do you just pretend to get bored? buy a hoe and turn some soil. your life sounds pretty nice to me. so you like bemelman's in new york. what's your favorite bar in california? we are going to take a trip to san francisco at the end of the summer.

There are several wonderful places to get a drink in Francisco. Please see my blog to read about it.