Bulls**t Jobs

Technical Analyst for state government

Pork Barrel

A reader in San Francisco writes:

Provide in-depth technical analysis for decisionmakers to base their decisions on. Their decisions rarely if ever match the recommendations of your analysis and if there is a way to squeeze efficiency and save taxpayers tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year, you will watch the government decisionmakers go in the exact opposite direction to justify inflated budgets and to protect their turf.

The good: You get to watch government in action and get paid a buttload of money and world class retirement benefits.

The bad: You get to watch government in action burning your tax dollars under the guise of a competent management decision when you know in your gut it should land them in jail for fraud, waste and abuse.

The dark: Take ownership of anything and you will be politically tossed under the bus as it will be your decision. Try to make all decisions as a group so that no one person can be held accountable.

The future: Pina Colada and Margarita sipping in Belize, Panama or Costa Rica just about as far away as anything technical as one can get.

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Ha. Imagine that, they are from San Francisco..Good post on the "inside" of politics...

I love to see my government at its best - at the end of the day, it's all about CYA for the decision makers! And, it's not just SF, it's everywhere.

My Dad used to tell me of going to state government meetings where the top managers in his department would spend half the day playing cards while in "important" meetings. Don't let them get more of your money--it only encourages them.

This is what I do, and yeah, it's a BS job. I'd only change two comments: Florida State Govt. is 50th of 50 states in per capita pay (really), so there is not a buttload of money, and in my job they do usually take my recommendations.

Other than that, there's top management saying there's never any money for raises for the rank and file-too much going to high pay for TM's friends who hire on. Thank God for a wealthy family or I'd left years ago.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

If the lawmakers don't follow your recommendations, what exactly are you doing that is worth paying you for? If they are, what government policies are YOU responsible for? I was born and raised in southern California, and everyone I knew left as fast as they could-the ones who stayed were from somewhere else!