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Ten things you don't want to happen on your first day back in 2008

Computer Surgery

1. You find that your hard drive has been taken away to be copied by Office Services so that your brand new computer can be installed upon your return from the holiday break, complete with all your files and set-up materials. Yes, your hard drive is gone.

2. On your desk is a note that spells your name wrong and has indecipherable information on it, including strange IP addresses and log-in information that is unfamiliar to you.

3. On your screen is a message that tells you that you have no boot drive.

4. You call the help desk and they are shocked to find out that you're back on January 2. They are sending a man in fifteen minutes!

5. Charles shows up. He has your boot drive. He tells you that he will be "out of your hair in ten minutes."

6. 45 minutes later, Charles is entering information on your sign-in screen. He is still being denied access to the network, which means no email. Charles is a large and handsome man, and occupation of your desk while he is there is neither possible nor advisable.

7. An hour has passed. You are beginning to wonder why you came in on the Wednesday after New Year's anyhow.

8. Charles tells you that "your account was inadvertently eliminated from the system" during the removal of the hard drive and must be re-instated." You ask Charles whether that means all of your personal and professional data is gone, too. He says no. You do not believe him.

9. You sit down at your assistant's desk and begin a blog posting entitled "Ten Things You Don't Want To Happen on Your First Day Back in 2008."

10. And, you know, that's what you're doing right now.

Happy New Year, everybody. I'll let you know how it went if I ever get back online again.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Being in Charles shoes, it is tough when mistakes like that happen. Always remember, if they did delete your data, there is a backup tape (hopefully) and everything is recoverable! Good luck and happy new year!!!!

---------------------------------- - a great place to waste time, or not!

I awoke to another day of pain (Getting my root canal finished tomorrow) and my girlfriend calling me to tell me that her gas line was frozen (I live in Wisconsin... Yes, your gas line can freeze over) and that she needed a ride to work ASAP. It's amazing how fast you can drive trying to get places before the vicoden kicks in...

Bing, We must anticipate our return to the desk when we spend time away from it. Wouldn't it have been nice to have all your information saved in a safe place for immadiate installation? Office mishaps or pranks serve to entertain the shaded portion of the staff who might think "Scrooge". What a "Holiday"!!!

Dear Dan, Waukesha, Wisconsin:

First rule of I/T: nothing is ever backed up if you really need it.

Like Mandy Moore once said:

"Anticipations make u late!"

and what everyone says:

"Too much will kill you!"


What a dream start(Nightmare!!!). I hope things got sorted out for you soon. This the price for too much technology in to our lives.

The worst thing is we cant do anything about it and leave it others.

2008, so far is going good (53 Hrs in to it now).

Take care

Gee, I had a much stronger reaction than these other folks. To quote Dilbert (whose creator, Scott Adams, has recently decided to back off blogging): GAAAA! Nothing makes me more crazy than inept computer support, mostly because it's stuff I can't do/fix myself and if someone else screws it up, it stays that way till someone else fixes it. (Do we get the idea I have a wee bit'o empowerment issue here?) I'll wait a week or so then re-send the two e-mails I sent you during your absence.

Hope you had a great holiday Bing.

Too bad about your computer, can't work without it I know.

Wouldn't this be the opportune time to blog "10 best things to do while waiting for your computer to be fixed"

Lets see it.

You said it, Shay. I got a 4GB USB key a year ago, so I'm much better about backing up now than I used to... but that just means I back up three or four times a year instead of once or twice.

To err is human . . . but to REALLY %^*&$#%@ up you need a computer.