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Thanks, Mr. Jobs!

Steve Jobs Hundo

It has come to my attention that Mr. Steve Jobs, the head of Apple (AAPL), has just offered to pay every American citizen $100 immediately. I think this is extraordinarily generous, and puts Mr. Buffett and Mr. Gates, as great as their philanthropic efforts have been, to shame.

I'm not sure how the idea occured to Mr. Jobs, but I can tell you that the idea of just getting $100 out of the blue, for nothing, essentially, makes me feel very proud and happy to be a citizen of this vast, global corporate state we all live in. I can tell you that I know what I'm going to do with that hundred bucks. No, it's not a windfall. But I think I can put it to good use. I mean, $100 buys you all kinds of things these days. Half a pair of sneakers. One tire. A cheeseburger and a Coke at the Ritz.

I could even put it away in the warchest I've been building toward the purchase of one of those new iPhones Mr. Jobs has been selling. I hear they do all kinds of terrific things. If only they weren't so darned expensive!

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I assume you paid 600 bucks for an iPhone and you've noticed an uncomfortable redness. cheers.

Some real smart value-added post this is...

what the heck does this blog have to do with appl???

So stupid, it's not worthy of a comment.

Dude you are insane .... the guy is returning you part of cash that you paid extra for your iphone. What else do you expect? That he refunds you 1000 for 600 that you paid. Moron ! Stop whining ..

This is by far the stupidest comment I've ever seen written on a blog.

This guy is day late on the story and sounds like a moron! can't buy any of that w/ a $100 "apple credit"!!!!!!

I was hoping to get a coke at the ritz too!! =(

maybe this is a charity web site nd it´s ruled by morons, but if not the case, please try to upgrade your reading abilities. The offer is for previous Iphone buyers, not for all american people. Sorry if my english is not perfect, I speak spanish, but Jobs statement is clear as water for me.
Kindly :)

Do you know how to read... please read the news WELL before blogging.
It's a store credit ONLY for those who bought an iPhone.


Uh, no. That's not what he did. He offered a $100 store credit to people who bought the iPhone from AT&T or Apple during the past 8 weeks.

Your an idiot

You need to pay attention.......he's not giving you $100.....he's giving you $100 store he can make more money

You can only get $100 if you bought the iPhone recently, and the $100 is a store credit to Apple store to buy more stuff, so knock yourself out.

Your not getting one hundred dollars, your getting $100 in store credit.

So, bye, bye, cheeseburger.

i have a Treo650 that has no sound, do i get $100 from Apple?

Umm...funny. Now work on the facts, stupid.

stop complaining about only getting 100 back. the discount on the iphone is only 200. you are getting 50% back. even if you got the extra 100, apparently according to you you would only get another half pair of sneakers, one tire, a cheeseburger, and a coke. stop bein such a whining baby and take the fact that you paid $600 for a phone as being a super dumbass

What a stupid article.

Why do you even write this crap?? Even better---- why did I respond....

I am waiting for the next generation iphone as I am sure they have bugs to work out. However, if your like my boss it's the greatest invention. He is always emailing for 2 seperate work accounts, talking, showing baby pictures, taking pictures of the lamest things as a joke and sending them to the office manager's email, listening to itune while working. This is also the CEO of the company.

I can't believe I just lost thirty seconds of my life reading this...

iCash? What a concept! We'll be able to do away with all the plastic we carry around in our wallets. No more sciatica! What an innovator... and healer!

I can't believe you even wasted your time to write this.


You're an idiot.

You are an idiot.

Buddy, you only get a $100 if you spent $599 on an iPhone like I stupidly did. And it's $100 store credit and I don't think that Apple sells Apple sneakers. Get the info right before you post something.

I dont think the author of this article was paying attention to the rebate (scam), its a store credit, not a $100 bill. So last time I checked, you cannot buy sneakers in the Apple store. But maybe thats not a bad move for apple, that is, getting into the shoe business, since they just got finised "walking all over" their loyal customers.

I truly wish that this post was funny.

How can you sit there so smug with your rant on apple when soldiers are dying, Wal*mart is pushing the American trade deficit to an all time low, and GW is on vacation. At least, get the story right... Steve Jobs shorts his own company and makes billions.

I have an IPhone, it is pretty cool and with Mr Jobs ISorry letter with the $100 credit, makes me even more of an Apple fan.

If you buy your phone, DO NOT buy it through AT&T. My phone had a problem the next dad, Apple Tech Support confirmed I had a defective phone, and AT&T wanted to charge me a $70 restocking fee to exchange the phone, even though I had returned in within the 14 refund policy.

Plus, AT&T doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to the hardware and can't come close to giving good advice much less proper help.

You're an idiot.

The $100 you're referring to is only being awarded to individuals who have previously purchased an iPhone (before the recent price reduction) and who did not receive some other discount when the purchase was made.

Additionally, the $100 is in the form of store credit, to be used at any Apple Retail Store or online at

So, you'll need to keep your "writing" job to save up for those sneakers and your Coke.

Does your editor know what a hack you are?

I wished I got the hundred bucks in Switzerland

i could use the 100 bucks
i need to test my sons toy cars for lead
feed you meters
mow your lawn
you too can

Why don't you READ the details of the offer by Mr Jobs..? If you had, maybe you wouldn't waste everyone's time with your DUMB POST ! NO ONE is "getting $100" in cash - it is a STORE CREDIT, you goof.

Secondly, this CREDIT is only available to those THAT HAVE PURCHASED AN IPHONE at the original higher price. Capische? Got it now?

Please try to READ and COMPREHEND before you waste everyone's time w a moronic post.

That article is a pure waste of time. 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

I was not happy with the Apple price cut, never under estimate your customers.

who wrote this article?

get your source right,

first, not EVERYONE is getting it

2nd, not cash, STORE CREDIT

articles like this are a waste of time to read, keep bashing Apple like this only make its stock price cheaper so I can load'em up more! thanks for the help!

Wow, you have some absurdly litereal readers for this blog.

The fools commenting here must be the same ones selling off Apple stock. Get a sense of humor you idiots! And get an iPhone.

You get paid to write this? I am so sad for you and your family. Your article was neither informative nor entertaining. Did you read the headlines while on the way to work today on someone else's newspaper or something? Or do you have to find an excuse some how to admit to your boss tht you actually have not talent, perhaps?

I think the whole thing is a marketing statergy which time will tell. I too purchase the 600.00 iPhone and never shed a tear - because the priced dropped. You purchase any item from Best Buy or Circuit City and if the price drops with a month - they will match it. So what's the problem if it drops after two month. If you want the state of the art - which Apple has proven engineers and produces some of the best quality items - Y Wine - Buy a Zune or something else. You really have to look at the reason we all purchased the iPhone - Its nothing like it and everyone will try to copy - have you seen Vista? So lets not hammer Mr. Jobs lets prasie him for the quality of products him and his team has provided us.

Satisfied Apple Customer

The article and the repsonses are too funny. The store credit is only being given to those who bought the Iphone two weeks prior to the price drop...not even everyone who bought one gets the store credit

As satire goes, this is the lamest I've read in decades. What brain-dead supervisor let this piece of crap get printed?

Bing, you really need some type of screening service. Not for the comments, but to determine who can read your blog. Maybe a test to define the word sarcasm? These people just don't get it.Since they are so literal in their interpretation, it's surprising that not one of them even read the description of the blog itself - "This blog captures what remains of his brain after it has exploded in all other directions."

get a real job. this article was a waste of time..

Foutune just lost my subscription renewal.

add this guy to the unemployment line

I guess irony is lost on most of these goofballs. The article his hilarious and right on. And yeah, I did rush out and get one when the price dropped. Did the same thing with my 50-inch plasma. Just wait a couple months, for God's sake. Nobody has any patience anymore, especially when it comes to technology. And I'm an Apple stockholder and longtime fan, but there's money to be saved with a little patience.

Gee Whiz Bing - You sure brought out the troll parade with this one! ATTENTION TROLLS - Most posts made by Mr. Bing on this blog are highly sarcastic and satirical - If you don't see the humor, go back into your cave.

is it really this easy to become published on the web? this was a waste of time to read and i can't even believe i am wasting more time responding, it was just that stupid!!

There's no way that all of this wasn't a premeditated marketing ploy. Apple and Jobs had to know that the iPhone owners would be steamed about the price cut. So: announce the new product launch (and the iPhone price cut) and get tons of free publiciity, especially on the content-hungry nightly news. Then, when the outcry that you already anticipated inevitably arises, you quickly announce a rebate for existing iPhone owners, and get a second wave of free publicity on the nightly news.

Once again, the media gets played by Steve Jobs. Well done, sir.


this was
tongue in cheek

and very funny

yet many of you are having kittens over a joke

as much as i love apple

i still mow my lawn

ok you all can return to your britney sites now


I love you guys.

ROTFLMAO @ the crop of clueless commenters that got linked up to this little ditty. I guess George Stephanopolus was right when he commented about waving a $100 bill around in a trailer park.

Bing you really should hire a fact checker. $100 will only buy you 1/2 a cheeseburger and a Diet Coke at the Ritz.

Okay...why bother to comment if you think everyone is an idiot that kinda makes you one.

S.B-sounds like your on happy hour already...I would be too.

Well, I think we have learned today that in addition to not mentioning the "V"-word, or the "G"-Word, we should probaby not mention anything that starts with "i".

How about in addition to the $100 credit, a credit for two months of phone service?


Was rolling on the floor with laughter. Your sarcasm is outstanding. Sharp as a tack.
Thanks for the laughs.

We all have been iBurned!!!!

Good article, which many people did not understand because it was too subtle.
I once had the misfortune to have to use Apple Macintoshes at my place of employment (1992-94). Up until then I had swallowed the company propaganda about how wonderful Apple products were. Boy, did I learn a lot from using those pieces of junk! That ticking bomb icon that would suddenly appear in the middle of a project, which told me that X minutes of my work was lost, taught me never to trust an Apple.
I was in the process of upgrading my home machine from an eight-bit computer to a more powerful system. My experience with Apple persuaded me to buy a DOS/Windows platform, and I have never looked back.
I occasionally have had to deal with an Apple software product like Quick Time. (My digital camera produces Quick Time files.) It is always inferior to the state of the art, and I grit my teeth and use it anyway. But I will never buy an Apple product.

OH MY GOODNESS PEOPLE! Geez it's like a bunch of people went off their meds' on Friday. Where is their sense of humor...looks like you really struck an iNerve Mr. Bing.

I did not write the above, nor am i interested at all in appearing on this site. my name was wrongly used in coonection w/ this, and to my horror shows up when googling my name. Please disregard,