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Things To Do This Week

Chinese Currency

1. Fix Greece. Nobody can have any fun until they break out the Ouzo. Perhaps Goldman Sachs can help, since they made so much money betting on the bazoukis to fail.

2. Pick up dry cleaning.

3. Get media to declare the recession is over. No, it's not over, but if they say it is at least they'll be doing something constructive.

4. Requisition dumpster. Clean out credenza.

5. Pay Federal income tax.

6. Pay NY State income tax.

7. Pay hefty NY City tax, with an additional hit for living in the city itself.

8. Pay NY City (State?) Commuter's tax, even though I do not commute, since I live in the City (see #7).

9. Pay assorted taxes associated with running an unincorporated business (i.e. blog).

10. Get China to loosen restrictions on its currency.

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Tennessee has no personal State income tax.
And you can easily purachase a large suburban house on an acre of land (or more) for what you pay for a New York tenement slum roon I mean condo.

TVA provides inexpensive electricity for heating & cooling, too.

RE: 10. Get China to loosen restrictions on its currency.

Dunno that this would help us, long term. Currency manipulation is a long-term losing strategy. All it does is mask inefficiency and, ultimately, delay progress.

Once upon a time it looked like the Japanese were going to take over the economic world. They've done very well for themselves, but in recent years they've hit the wall and not been able to do much more than consolidate what they have gained.

What went wrong? Artificial ways of stimulating their own economy ran out of steam. Their economy slowed down to a crawl, and they've been trying to get back up to speed ever since.

The Chinese are trying to defy gravity in much the same way. They can make it fly for a while, just like they did in Japan, but it won't work forever, and the landing could be rough.

Given the choice, I'll take Chinese economic imperialism over military imperialism. Less blood and fewer bodies.

While they are trying to defy gravity, we'll have to work harder on our own fundamentals in order to compete. That means more entrepreneurship and more innovation.

The good news is that they're both things we're good at. And they are long-term winning strategies.

Heck, we're the best in the world at 'em! Ask the Japanese.

I'm getting $99 back from the State of New York and that feels like a major coup.

Thanks for reminding me to pick up my dry cleaning.

I don't really want to start a fight, Bosda, but Tennessee has an extremely high--and regressive-- sales tax, which includes food. You guys would be better off--and more equitable--with a reasonable income tax and a lower sales tax; and leave food out of it.

I can help with no. 3 & 10

#3. the recession is over, the current state of affairs has been declared the new normal, everything from here on is either heading towards recession or moving forward.

#10. the chinese currency is floating and has been floating for some time, cause it is tied to the dollar.

thought I had an answer for Greece, but that's a european problem, best dealt with by the locals. Besides if we fix Greece, who benefits, just the bond holders and I don't have any Greek bonds.

Having a fully functioning stable Greece is not high on my list,,I don't buy much from Greece, get all my stuff from China like everybody else.

I'm afraid Greece is low on the list of fix up's.

Re: Item 4. I presume "dumpster" is code for "ice and rocks glasses."

How come Tennnessse(I always get confused with the amount of n's and s's)can not get out of being in the list of the ten poorest states in the US, not even with cheap electricity and no personal income state (I would imagine that property taxes are high, that is the catch!)

Don't forget "Wait 3 months for tax refund from insolvent New York State"

Yo Bing!

Am I experiencing blackouts, or has my most recent comment to your blog gotten revised, not once, but twice to fit revisions to your Point Number 10?!?

Not that I'm upset. I've had editors revise my stuff before, (and usually the results are nothing I'd want my name on!) The updates to my original post are quite in line with my thoughts, and my style. Congratulations to you, or whoever is responsible.

I'm just asking because, well, if I AM phasing across probability streams, I want to see if I could land in an alternate reality where my genius has been recognized and a grateful world populace is anxious to assure my every whim is granted!

Hey, EAB, I never touched one of your posts. I don't think anybody has the time or inclination to, either. Seriously. Keep sending me stuff. I always look forward to it.

It will be easier to reverse the rotation of Earth than to fix Greece. My advice to Greek government - do what California does - issue IOUs. Tonnes of them. Then Goldman Sachs will package them, issue CDOs and sell default swaps to all the suckers around the world.

EAB. if you happen to phase through to an alternate reality, keep an eye out for some of the wall street wizards, and investment bankers, don't foget to leave a trail of bread crumbs on your journey so you can lead them all back to this reality.

We have too many people lost in that alternate reality as it is and I have no doubt you will heralded as a genius amongst them.

Becareful when you get near them, some of their stupidy might rub off.

Leave the politicians behind they cann't handle this reality.

Good luck on your mission.

Dear Bing,
It's "bouzouki":)
And,boy, did we do lousy housekeeping, but we don't deserve that kind of first-page coverage on top publications worldwide; in fact, we even ain't THAT much broken (although we really need serious repairs...)

OK, I guess I have to come to the defense of Tennessee. After all, it is my next-door neighbor.

Folks really should try the south before putting it down. A poor state can be a good thing, since we don't pay a million bucks for a two bedroom apartment. The rich state idea is based on pre-tax income. If you pay that income back out in taxes and inflated real estate, you end up worse off than we are.

I live in a 2,000 square foot house on a two acre lot in the center of our city. I can afford much more, but that is enough room for just my wife and me. Can anyone here afford that in New York? Do they even have any two acre lots available in the center of New York these days?

When you think about it, this really redefines 'rich state' and 'poor state'.

Hang in there, Tennessee!!

Despite Tennessee's many fine attributes, one must after all, admit that it is still Tennessee. Can anyone actually see Bing acquiring his necessary RDA of 'sturm & drang' in such a bucolic setting? The engine that drives his literary efforts would sputter to a stop. Our boy is built for big city life.

Actually, I live in a small town when I'm not in two of the really big ones. And I like it better. Although, to be fair, it's about 10 minutes drive to a really great big city.

How come Tennnessse(I always get confused with the amount of n’s and s’s)can not get out of being in the list of the ten poorest states in the US, not even with cheap electricity and no personal income state (I would imagine that property taxes are high, that is the catch!)

Posted By Tom the Texan

Because our business & community leadership sector has the collective IQ of a wad of earwax, IMHO.

Jeez, so I guess I really have left reality...

Not that reality was ever a particularly fun place. It never has been popular.

You might want to come visit Reality 'B' sometime. The natives here are friendly. Very laid back. They share a delightful sense of the absurd. They love listening to my stories about Reality 'A'. I get all the free drinks I want!

You really ought to come visit. You'll be received as a hero!

I lived in South Carolina before, I had a McMansion on a 2 acre piece of land with a pond for a few bucks a month, land and housing is cheap, that is true, but everything there happens veeery slooooow and other than hunting, bowling, eating fried stuff and go to the movies, your entertainment and cultural options are very limited, needles to say I moved back to NYC after a year.

The rich and tasty food of the South has made the people in that area to be the number one with high cholesterol, hearth disease, high blood pressure and obesity in the whole country.

Now we know how "Rip Van Winkle" felt when he woke up after twenty years! Chug a lug, chug a lug!