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Gere Kissing Shilpa

Let's all send out a massive wave of goodwill to Bodhisattva Richard Gere, who is now under indictment in India for kissing a Bollywood movie star in public. For students of corporate life, the thought percolates up that it is important, in any setting, to understand the culture in which one is operating. A friendly buss on the cheek between two associates may be fine in one arena and a criminally obscene act in another. In any event, our thoughts go out to Mr. Gere and his friend the Dalai Lama for this unexpected and somewhat inexplicable piece of bad publicity. A celebrity can never tell how anything is going to play these days, but if bad taste was suddenly declared a punishable crime there would hardly be room in any of our penal institutions.

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I didn't know Gere was a devout Buddhist, which is interesting. But since his celebrity is based on trivial roles in trivial movies, it stands to reason that he'd be trivially indicted.

Yeah, the indictment part was overdone, but Gere's kiss wasn't as innocent as you make it out. You should check the youtube video of Gere "kissing" Shilpa. The guy was apparently drunk and falling all over her smooching her face everywhere ... he would have almost made out to her right on the stage if Shilpa hadn't struggled free. So much for a reverent Buddhist on a holy trip visiting the Dalai Lama!

Shilpa_Rocks, stop justifying this outrageous action from the government and do us a favor and just shut your mouth. Who cares if he was drunk and slobbering all over her? That's still no reason for a bunch of savages to throw a temper tantrum and demand the man be thrown in jail just because he offended their religious sensibilities. It's was a KISS, even if it was sloppy and tacky. I'm starting to see now why Hindus and Muslims can't co-exist: clearly, you people people deserve each other. So go do the rest of the world a favor and go back to attacking each other and leave Western Civilization out of it.

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