Crazy Bosses

Too sad to operate heavy machinery...

Sad at Walmart

A reader from Michigan writes…

I worked for the local Super Department Store for 5 years. We were all told and signed paperwork at orientation that we were not to operate any heavy equipment until we were licensed by the store to do so. If management witnessed an associate operating said equipment we would be terminated on the spot... several managers witnessed the operation of equipment or even instructed associates to do so. On another note, my health became bad and I had to go on medications, still working and trying to get acclimated to my medications, finally due to the way Wal-Mart was working me, I had to go on anti-depressants and was finally told by the store manager at the time to take a leave of absence or be terminated on the spot... so here are the "bosses from Hell"!

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It's Wal-Mart. That says it all right there. NO further explanation is required.