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A very strange, very taxing person

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A reader from Maryland writes:

I have the paranoid boss with some doses of the bully and the wimp. A very strange, very taxing person to work for, I've learned a few things in my time.

She parks on the other side of the building so she can "catch" us doing whatever it is she thinks we're doing when she's not there to babysit us. The brown-nosers have the inside track with her, as she will tell them anything and everything, even work related matters that are supposed to be strictly confidential. She works extremely odd hours to prove her dedication to the company (and to suck up the overtime, I'm sure). She goes thru periods where she will not talk to certain employees, even a "hello" because she is upset over what she perceives as some disloyalty. And she would throw any of her employees (except the suck-ups) under the bus in less than a heartbeat.

She will allow suck-ups to sleep on the job, but if you're on the "list" that particular week, you better not take too many bathroom breaks. She will wait until it's the end of the week and you are getting ready to leave for the weekend to tell you something needs to be taken care of _this_minute or else the company will go to hell in a hand basket.

There's no use complaining to her supervisor about her. The long term plan is to eliminate the department completely, so they don't really care if the workers are happy or not. So the best solution in this case is to find another job and I am looking.

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Yes, she's nuts. She's also a control friek. Your best bet is to follow your plan to find a new job, especially since her Supervisors are closing your department and don't give a d*mn. Be sure to document everything in case your boss illegally gives you a bad referal. Good luck.

Oh, my God! Are you talking about my boss? Especially when you said she would throw you under the bus. I work for a city government bus transit agency. My boss charged me with fraud. I was very ill and her persistent abuse did not help and as result I had to see my doctor a number of times. I was told by my boss and HR that after each visit I needed to turn in a "doctor's note". Unfortunately, the person at my doctor's office was new and was not filling out the form correctly. As a result, I was charged with fraud because the dates on the forms did not match my appts. The charge is still in my file making it difficult for me to at least transfer to another dept.

Maryland, huh? Hmm, this person sounds just like a manager at Little Rock Diagnostic Center.