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What I'm praying for this weekend


A bailout that doesn't sell out the American people.

A return to some kind of sane discourse in the electoral process, which has been pushed relentlessly into the Rovian realm recently.

A spirit of cordiality and calmness to descend on our nation and not disperse until it is replaced by a nice dose of holiday cheer. That's a much better way to manage during a crisis than all this crazy yelling and waving of arms in the air.

A recognition on the part of all advertisers that in order to sell their products and services they have to keep pumping out their messages to the public; and that if they do not their decline will represent a self-fulfilling prophesy on an unprecedented scale.

No more bank failures.

No gigantic parachutes for anybody whose financial institution was leveraged more than 20 to 1.

A return to the days when a gain or loss of 100 points on the Dow was considered a big deal. The other day a financial type said to me, "Okay, 350 points down is not a GOOD thing, but it could be worse." That scared me more than all the pessimistic crud I've waded through lately.

Any firm that has collapsed, defaulted, defalcated or otherwise demonstrated extreme stupidity is no longer allowed to disseminate the thoughts of a security analyst about the sagacity and competence of other companies.

Warren Buffett gives everybody a couple of thousand bucks to spread around as they see fit.

Are you listening, God? ... Mr. Buffett?

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We might also pray for a new docu-drama titled, "From Here to Liquidity."

I pray that our political leaders making a decision based on what's best for our country and not what's best for their respective political careers.

I also pray that I don't have to listen to yet another bungled answer by a certain VP candidate as to how proximity to a foreign country automatically translates into foreign policy experience.

Lastly, I pray that the gas shortage in the south doesn't interfere with SEC football. With all the nonsense going on these days, that's about the only thing I have to look forward to.

I am not praying for anything.

I have all that I need. God gave me a strong sense of logic, work ethic, and common sense. I can figure out everything that I need to just by doing the opposite of 90% of the U.S. population.

The first thing to do is to stop crying about this bailout.

The second thing to do is to get a clue and figure out how to make this bailout work for you.

The third thing to do is to continue to stay away from losers.

Thank you God!

I pray for no money added (or taken from the "expected" gains) to the $700,000,000,000 bail-out for SIG's or PAC's.

I heard on the news today, that in fact, is the plan. One far left group is set up to get 20% of any money made. THAT'S CRAZY. Unless they are going to "invest" $140,000,000,000 into the bail-out pot, they should get NOTHING.

I'm very interested in Yadgyu's idea of "Making the bailout work for you." I wonder how anybody, including you, Yadgyu, might suggest that would be done.

I've had the pleasure of watching this unfold from Europe over the last 2 weeks - where several of us US travellers were praying it would get so bad that we'd be forced to stay - to enjoy a simpler lifestyle with reduced expectations; no to-go coffee, slow food, cheap good wine, no Walmarts, pride in locally-made and produced items and oh yeah-flower boxes on every window.

I am praying for this to become a catalyst for a transformation that will cause us all to focus on what really is important in living each day.

Experiencing the current financial melt down revives old thoughts about the depression of the thirties.

Digesting as much as I can about the heat coming out of Washington, on CNN, articles written seem to indicate our lawmakers are preparing a crap shoot.

Our generation has splurged its finances, and the finances of foreign investers in America beyond the stretch limits.

Jim Griffin, economist: "Our creditors can't vote but they can cast a long shadow on our markets."

Allan Sloan: "Wall Street psychology is not an exact science. Various strategies have been implemented since the summer of 2007--none have worked."

My appraisal is--the free lunch is only good on the day you had it, it does not come with your grocery list attached!!!

Sounds good to me. Bill Clinton was on one of the morning television shows the other day and he seemed to say that the number one thing a President brings to a crisis is a positive attitude. Imagine what the results might be if, instead of screaming at each other as to who might be at fault, we just got back to work and tried to right this boat. It can be done. It has in the past. Thanks for a shot of common sense, there, Bing. We need it.

"enjoy a simpler lifestyle with reduced expectations; no to-go coffee, slow food, cheap good wine, no Walmarts, pride in locally-made and produced items and oh yeah-flower boxes on every window."
Except for the flower-boxes, that could be life in Stalingrad in September 1942.

I’m very interested in Yadgyu’s idea of “Making the bailout work for you.” I wonder how anybody, including you, Yadgyu, might suggest that would be done.
Are you kidding, Bing? $700,000,000,000 is a huge nut. The government is hopefully develop an organization do administer this money. They will certainly get some goobs on the project, but most of the work will be farmed out. Even if the admin costs amount to 0.14% of the total bailout, that still a cool billion dollars in some fat contractor's pockets.

As a matter of record, I would like to say that, while it this will certainly boost the DC local economy, I think that this is an incredibly stupid move for America as a whole. So, BOHICA, America. And this time, the love is only going to cost you 700 billion dollars.

Buffet is not our savior. That guy disowned his own grand daughter so i don't expect him to have any capacity for compassion for anyone. He's just may be the best at his game but he's as far from the best human as I can think of (I doubt Dick Cheney would even disown his grand daughter). I used to love capitalism but now I think American greed and its free expression in capitalism has led us to this point. Maybe its time for cooperation instead of competition. At any rate I think the allegedly Christian nation should look back to the words of its founder. Jesus was a hippie. If Jesus was anything it was anti-war (turn the cheek), and anti greed (can't serve God and Mammon). It just makes the idea that this is a Christian nation laughable. Everyone is so in awe of Warren Buffet. F*** Warren Buffet. All he is going to do in this crisis is obtain as much profit as possible and continue to ignore his grand daughter.

Am I imagining it or did anyone else notice the press releases regarding the "approval" of the bailout - so full of "hearts and flowers" persuading peoples on the other sides of the "ponds" how this crisis has been handled so professionally and competently? I wonder if the masses outside the US are as ignorant as the ones inside. I sure am relieved though to feel that "everything is much better" now. Hope you don't mind if I keep fattening up the chickens, pregnant cow, and growing the winter veggies in the greenhouse - I KNOW I can eat those!

What amazes me most is that so many MBAs' are amazed!!

The leaders in finance that set up pension plans, IRAs', 401Ks', financial planning, trust funds, annuities, risk planning, personal wealth planning, etc. didn't have the common sense to see where their snow ball headed for hell was going?????

Let's not forget about how these dudes got educated: Business School--people are are more than qualified to fill in the -----------!!! Duh!!!!!

What more amazing disclosures lie ahead?????

Well, Josh, perhaps Mr. Buffet did not care for Nicole's decision to take family matters public.

She is/(was?) legally his grand daughter because Warren's son Peter adopted Nicole when he married her mother.

She chose to participate in a documentary about "growing up rich", and perhaps Mr. Buffet expected more respect for family privacy.

I'm sure my family would expect me to stay away from tabloid journalism and off the Oprah show too ... and no, I'm not rich like Warren.

Yes, I expdect Warren Buffet will make money from this crisis. He has an understanding of what the business cycle looks like, and he has the deep pockets to buy in when others are bailing out in panic. Bitch about that if you will, but with no buyers, the prices would be in free fall. He's injecting liquidity into the market, even if he's merely doing it for profit.

Oh, I think the result of the bailout defeat just points to one indisputable fact....we need to change this government...throw out EVERY incumbent and make everyone elected understand that ONE TERM is the limit!! They've gotten elected and made a home for themselves at a hefty salary and at taxpayer expense. And for those who think the defeat was a result of Nancy Pelosi or the people at home wanting no part of the bill?? Don't believe it. The GOP is trying to figure out how they can manipulate John McCain into the process as the saviour of the bill, so they can take this election away from the American people and install his simplistic ideas into the White House, too! Talk about a bunch of absolute LOSERS!!!

I'll have to go with McCain as he better knows how to handle big money.I watched as John and his Az friend (MR. Keating) where able to jet between island resorts to their many houses probably using their hard earned money obtained from my aunt and uncles life savings. (and they assured us it would never happen again.. tell me they don't know how to handle big money)