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Your country needs you! Go shopping!


Pick up those new GPS systems, now on sale at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and other fine stores for under $100!

Don't forget that flat-screen TV that's suddenly within your price range!

Remember to stop by the gigundo superstore to stock up on potato chips, lawn furniture and frozen shrimp!

Swing by the enormous drugstore! Get medicine! Print 100 pictures for only $1.00! While you're there, load up on toys, nostrums and personal care products! The holidays are almost here!

Hit the department store for pantyhose, shoes, perfume, purses, and those fabulous studded denims you've had your eye on -- they're all on sale today only!

On your way home, stop by your local American automobile dealership and nab a new Ford, Chevy or Chrysler! Terms are great! Quality has never been better!

If you're an investment banker, kick the tires on an underperforming entity! You'll be glad you did!

Somewhere out there in this great, shining land of ours, there's a product, service or asset waiting for you! We've been in the doldrums far too long! Make Black Friday lead to Black Saturday and then Black  Sunday and then a tsunami of Black Weekdays! Get out there and express your love of all that's good and strong about our nation! Let commerce ring!

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Bing, what are doing on the computer? We're supposed to be out there spending!


Could you lend me a few bucks until payday???

Geeez Bing are you getting paid by credit card companies to hype this idea,, cause if you are,,, I want a slice.

Ahhh..a true bullshitter

You need a job and decent pay, to splurge this day. If I had the financiers pay and bonus, maybe I'd say, I'll spend for the good of men. But, this country is so lopsided, I defer, as it is survival for me this day.

Bing, wouldn't you know it, the garage sales are shutting down for the inclement weather of the season, gosh darn it anyway!

Spring is the season to be jolly!

Time Magazine's story: "Decade from Hell" is a retrospective insight of how things go wrong--"Complacency".

I hope Mr. Bing was speaking to Madame Rothchilde, Mr. Buffet, and Trillionaires and others of her ilk sirs and ladies.

Why your at it Mr. Bing, trade some Gold for Oil and get us out of the Chinese Markets.

Bing, it seems like we did have a Y2K episode. Airplanes didn't fall out of the sky. The nations water supply didn't dry up. City stop lights didn't go haywire etc..

The financial morass we're experiencing today came upon us as a stealth.

Blindsided by our parlay of rags to riches runs, we became overwhelmed with the glitz and glitter of the rainbows elusive pot of gold.

The Y2K stealth phenomena, in my opinion, is the establishment of plastic and silica as the major component of most manufactured autos and appliances.

Manufactured goods immune to oxidation and corrosion don't wear out, they simply get obsolete and end up disposed of in the world's oceans.

The umbilical cord of bonuses serves between greedy CEOs and islands of obsolete plastic scrap. The wild wild west mentality just goes on and on and......

One way to contribute to this dicussion, is from time to time to add a little social trend analysis. (I tend to look at the bigger picture anyway.)

The article is about Orpah and the Bear Market. If the market continues to act like Oprah's ratings, then we are in trouble. There seems to be a connection between the TV "star" and the market "star." in regards to social trends. I posted some of the article below and the rest you can find here, if your interested:

An interesting part of the Tribune article was a graph that showed the average daily viewership slipping from approximately 9 million in 2005 to 6.2 million in the beginning of 2009 (the graph only showed 2009 as a single point, not month to month). That is a drop of about 31%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was trading at about 10,500 at the beginning of 2005, and hit a low of 6,469 in March of 2009. This is a drop of about 38% during that time period. Both percentages are very close to each other. Is there a connection? I think there might be.

Bing, I would love to have helped, but I had to write a $4800 tax check Wednesday. Long story, but it's $4800 that won't be buying anything around here.

No. Not gonna, and you can't make me. Given the current state of American business, I would much rather my lack of consumption be responsible for the downfall of a company than for any need to consume be responsible for saving one. A little thinning of the herd is always good for the survivors.

Sorry it took so long to respond. I was out shopping. I got a new monitor for the computer (made in china)a new camera (made in china)and some mini DvD's for the camcorder(made in Taiwan). But fear not I got two American made products (2 Liter Pepsi's) however they were the throw ins for spending $10 at Rite Aide.
Not sure how this helps the US when our products are the give away and the foreign products are the ones we spend cash on.
Other than food does anyone know what we really make in the US that I can purchase to do my part?

I find the idea that we can control the market by watching Oprah an interesting concept,,,not at the top of the list in my brain fart collection but pretty high on the list.

As for Steve's revelation that thinning the herd is a good thing,,cannot argue against that,,,
reminds me some what of the old Bible story ,,7 fat cows eaten by 7 thin cows,,that kinda thing.

An Bob I read the article about Decade from Hell,,,nice article,,but it's purpose is the FIX THE BLAME NOT FIX THE PROBLEM''

Bottom line: Buying a new flat screen to watch Oprah or saving a few bucks in the cookie jar ain't gonna fix this problem.

The rot goes deep and will take years to dig out,,,a root canal without novacane that will reach to your hemroids.

Happy Thanks giving/ merry Xmas

"Your country needs you!"

Start recycling!!!!


Brian from Hunt Valley alluded to a missed opportunity by our government. Stimulus on steroids, instead of handing out stimulus checks earlier in the year, hand it out one to two weeks prior to Black Friday! I think more people would be inclined to spend it rather than save it...the small percentage of people thinking straight after Thanksgiving are either immune to Tryptophan or have the last name of Scrooge.

I'd go shopping, but I can't think of a single thing I want. I thought I wanted something over the weekend, but then I remembered that I had two of them in the basement. Sorry, Bing. America's basements, garages, and attics are full.

My kids don't even want any plastic crap from China. This weekend, they told Grandma not to send them any toys for Christmas, because they just don't have the time to pick up all the ones she's already sent in years past.

I remember my Grandpa telling me that there's a difference between "want" and "need." Nowdays, I don't seem to even want what I don't need.