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Garbage Confiscation

A reader from Phoenix writes...

I recently switched branches at my bank due to a psycho boss.  I was the #1 banker in new accounts, loans, savings accounts, credit cards, investment dollars and business accounts for the first 6 months of 2007.  Yet my Manager took away my garbage can saying I didn't use it properly, made me work 6 day weeks when no other banker worked more than 5 day weeks, and put me on written warning because I was involved in an auto accident and did not give 24 notice that I would be late to work!

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A person uses a garbage can improperly by putting papers in there that include bank account numbers / social security numbers instead of shredding that information.

Get out ASAP! If your a high preformer and those things are being sought out, you need to move on ASAP.

I've had that happen to me too. Amazing how scared they become of top performing workers. Not all bosses are like that of course, some actually encourage you to become even stronger! But when it gets crazy, then it's time to leave, confront your boss with a higher boss or in court for harassment.

Your boss is insecure and is afraid of your success. This is the worst kind of idiot and I suggest you either bail out or transfer to another branch. If this nonsense persists, leave as you will never get ahead there...

doesn't use a trash bag? got me on that one too....

Get a new job.

For me I was working an 8-5 job at the front desk and doing a/p,a/r, payroll,..etc.; but the office manager wanted me in at 7:45am to make coffee (she usually didn't get in until 10am), she wanted me to run business errands on my lunch hour (she usually left at 12 and didn't get back until 2:30), and at 4:45 pm would finally give me the day's work and want me to stay until it was done and I couldn't leave mail on the counter. I had to find a mailbox to drop it in. I did that for a while then decided to show up at 8am, run company errands for an hour then take an hour lunch, and lock my work and mail in my desk at 5pm and finish in the morning. When the owner began to ask about what was happening to the money (things that the office manager signed for)she got nervous and wanted me gone. Fearing she would get caught she pulled me into her office to talk about my work performance and said, "I don't know what's wrong with you lately, but you've been coming in at 8 in the morning, taking an hour for lunch, and leaving at 5." I was dumbfounded and chuckled, "Isn't that what I was hired to do?"

I think you need to switch branches. Theres no need to receive detrimental feedback when clearly your a star on the team and an example to others to follow. You should be prized to increase motivation in the workforce not punished. Doing so, will display why others should go the extra mile and become competitive to follow your lead. However, its sad that this will probably get others into a mode i call "coasting" where people will work as hard enough not to get fired and not enough to get noticed.

I feel your pain. I've been there myself. I worked harder and harder as the boss got worse and worse and I learned my lesson the hard way. Don't wait. Hit the ejection handles by looking for a new higher level job now! You are under employed in your current role and its probably threatening your peers as much as your boss. If you worked for me I would treat you like gold.

A's hire As, B's hire C's, C's hire D's or worse. Assuming your boss didn't hire you himself (or if he did, he may have just underestimated/misread you), he's probably a B or C, and you're an A. Which means he's fearful you'll get his job when he gets sacked in the inevitable shakeouts in the banking/financial industries, especially in the Arizona/Phoenix markets. It's instinctual human behavior - or it could be petty jealousy if he had an ego and you're indirectly crushing it.

Improper Use of a Garbage Can:

I had a co-worker who would bring a tuna lunch kit to work once a week. She would drain the water from the tuna into her trash can, and the whole office would smell until the cleaning crew disinfected the can, which I think they only did every 2-3 weeks.

I'd [do something unmentionable] in my trashcan if I were you.

In my professional experience, I've always found that people who believe they are so good they scare the boss into not liking them, are not actually as good as they perceive themselves. In reality, most of the time they are simply arrogant and undermind the principle of teamwork that's required for any company to be successful.
Now I've seen good management and bad management - really really really bad management. And I don't think either would do this. In fact, the bad management tends to focus completely on the top performers and try to lean on them in hopes of masking their bad managerial skills.

I hope you are not a legend in your own mind... and this is the second "Psycho" boss within the same bank....uhmmm...

it must be hard being as great as you are.

Stop wasting your time being an employee and start up your own shop....private equity is the place to be....

Some supervisors can lead wolves, others are only comfortable leading sheep. Good employees have high expectations, and bad employers can't meet them. If you are as good as you say you are, find a better job. Then your old employer can replace you with someone half as good and be twice as happy.

Robert in Dallas makes a very good point. You know, all of these stories, the hundreds of crazy bosses and the comments that now attend them in this blog, are seen from the point of the aggrieved employee. I can tell you, as a boss, that sometimes the complaints of employees are about as reliable as the grumbles of the guys who manage them. How do we know that our correspondent here was indeed as stellar as he says? We don't. For all we know, our banker from Phoenix is at fault, and his boss is a prince among men... except... who takes away somebody's garbage can because they're not using it properly? I'll tell you who. A nut. God is in the details.

If you like banking (it was good to me) remember that you don't need to do any branch job over 6 months to get it wired completely. That is usually the amount of time that they require you to remain in a particular position before you can move to another. Find another branch, find another way to meet other branch managers (there are usually different sorts of either client sundowners or employee rah rah's) and quickly figure out a branch manager tha will appreciate your aggro learning curve and high performance. Talk to them & they will make a spot for you. If your in a big bank, look at taking your training and moving to a smaller bank in a higher spot. Be a generalist not a specialist. In times when cuts are being made the good all-arounder will fare better than the excellent niche performer.

Dealing with a psycho boss is extremely difficult. First of all, how could the psycho boss get employed by the bank? Switching to another branch is a wise move, and the former psycho boss probably glad that you are no longer there.

What an insecure POS. I would tell them where to put it and go somewhere that appreciates you. Or, just tell them you're not working more than the other person. What basis do they have for firing you? You're working 8 hours more than anyone else. BTW why are you dumb enough to work 6 days a week when no one else does?

I know how you feel because I've seen so many and heard many similar stories just like yours. Like you mention job sercurity and power are few of the reason why they do that. Make sure you send in the complaint to HR and upper management. In some case, their performance will be affect by the year end review which is base on your feedback.

Have to agree with those who are questioning the claim of being the "best performer." I too am a supervisor, but I do not cliam to be the best performer in the company, in fact I am well aware of my shortcomings. That very fact is why I believe I have been so successful. My current and former employees that tend to succeed share that trait versus those that always think they know best and perceive themselves as indisposable. There are tons of traits of the "I am the best employee" kind of person including but not limited to talking to much and listening too little, knowing everything about everything (without actually knowing anything), bossiness, bad personal skills, and various other bad habits. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I that person?"

Easier to sympathize with gmked and the Phoenix reader; I have been in the same situation.

While I'm sure some people who think they're wrongfully targeted are not (we all work with people who surf the web half the day, send text messages the other half, think they do a stellar job and want a raise), I too was treated horrendously in the workplace.

I worked at a small company in NH. My employment there was great until I was "too good" and my manager saw me as a threat (mainly because she was incompetent, had no clue what she was doing, and needed my assistance to do minor tasks such as compose an email).

Are you kidding me? This is par for the course with a lot of corporations. They'll allow a crappy manager or higher to drive away their best performers by nitpicking and micromanaging them right out the door with unreasonable requests or irrational demands. They do it out of jealousy, yes, that's plain to see. But going to the Nth degree and driving a top performer away is simply insane.

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Contrary to Bing I think telling on the boss is a good approach particularly in a corporate setting. If you have already tried communicating to your boss directly and have been ineffective in changing his impractical ways. HR in large corps give you an avenue of confidentiality which can at least buy you the time to find the "right" next opportunity. The boss will be under scrutiny from his supervisory chain, let him see how he likes the microscope for a change.