The Six Steps of Strategic Thinking

Successful people get to where they are because they think what is called strategically. Sometimes, it is true, they lash out and pulverize somebody, but most of the time they are thinking as much as possible in a way that you do not. Methodically. Incrementally. Strategically.   What, you may ask, is a strategy? A strategy is a plan that is designed specifically to achieve a certain well-defined goal. It is made up not of one but of several—sometimes more than several— actions.

13. Lloyd Meets Doug

Walt seemed to be in one of the best-possible moods, and his playful esprit quickly filled the room and crowded out all other sentiments. The men raised their heads and looked at one another and found that, yes, they were all still there. None of them had grown sharp incisors. None had sprouted horns or shaggy pelts. They were still themselves. Things would be all right.