Get TV's Out of the Taxis!

Taxi TV

I just got back to New York and okay, the plane was late and I only got four hours of sleep and at this point, I really need five. But when I got into the cab this morning to get to work, I wanted to punch the little TV screen through the back of the seat. Why decided that we need televisions in taxis? As I remember, it was just one of the many improvement in our urban lives imposed on us whether we wanted it or not by our Mayor, Mike Bloomberg. Who needs yet one more screen in our daily routine? I'll answer my own question: nobody. The cabbies hate it -- and they have to pay for it! Riders? I don't think so. People whose brains have already turned to suet generally have their own screens they tote around with them. Tourists are looking out the window. And residents have already added the Taxi TV to the list of one more things they need to tune out in order to maintain their sanity. This brings us to a much larger issue, though, one that is not suited to this brief format -- captive media. More on that later. 

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