Hey, Bernie Madoff! Shut the $&@# up!!

Madoff Paparazzi

So for the third time in the last couple of months, here comes that pustulant weasel Bernie Madoff again in yet another EXCLUSIVE interview with his oozing pile of monstrosity, this time in the FT, which you think would know better. He already talked with the NY Times. He already made the cover of New York Magazine, which gave him the chance to declare that he's actually a good person. So in what way does the third interview with this moral moron qualify as an EXCLUSIVE?

Let me tell you something. It isn't. It's a pathetic grab for your mindspace, which is already divided into tiny little shreds. Do the world a favor. Don't give it to them.

What a desperate, media sucking universe we live in now, where every brainfart and self-serving wheeze of every loser who has managed to catch the public eye, no matter how despicable, is grist for the repetitive noise machine Jonesing for the rush it gets when it can put EXCLUSIVE in front of something everybody saw already and is already righteously sick of.

Well, guess what. I don't care what Bernie Madoff has to say. If Joseph Goebbels popped up right now from his hiding place in Argentina with some interesting thoughts on media messaging, I wouldn't care about that, either. I'm not interested in Berlusconi's opinions on good governance. And I'm going to skip the big thought piece from Barry Bonds, when he gives his EXCLUSIVE to some outlet or other.

Anybody who's read even a little bit about Madoff knows that his entire career was a giant Cee Lo Green to the world that never gave little Bernie the proper respect when he was a mediocre young man. Now it's time to return the favor.

And to anybody who's even thinking of publishing the next EXCLUSIVE from this putz? Forget you, too!

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