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Inexplicable Things


Today we start a series of tweets about things that are inexplicable but always with us.  For instance, there is a ride at the Santa Cruz, CA, Boardwalk. It's like a ski-lift that goes from one area of the park to another. The ride takes about ten minutes. And for some reason, one of the gondolas is occupied by a cave man. He's large. He's plastic. He goes around and around all day and presumably still stays in his chair at night while the park is closed. Why is he there? Why is he a cave man? Why not a business man? Or a llama? A female cave person also circles the park in another little airborn booth. Unlike her significant other, she carries a big, stone hatchet. Why? Why not a spear? And why is she armed while her male counterpart is not? These things are inexplicable. So are many others. Tweet me some. 

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