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Stinygiasou, Greece!

Zorba the Greek

(NYT > Home Page) – Greek elections on Sunday could soon bring real-world urgency to a debate that had been largely academic: Whether the euro zone can withstand the departure of one of its members.

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As we teeter over the brink of the crazy Greek elections, I raise a glass of ouzo to the little nation that is doing precisely what every European country should be doing as far as I'm concerned: yanking the continent back to the 20th Century. True, there was much that happened on the continent back then that was deplorable. We needn't delve too deeply into that. But I think most sensible people would agree that 20th Century Europe was so much more charming and enjoyable than the one we have today. Back then, you had neat little countries on a map, each with its own primary color and a distinctive hat of its own, some with feathers. Today, it's like the 8th Century over there, with Berbers and Mongols and Ostrogoths and Franks and Visigoths and Huns and Germans and Romans and Etruscans, Saxons and Picts all battling for the same space in teeming cities and little towns that have suddenly lost all their quaintness, unless you're in Slovenia. Slovenia is still very quaint, FYI. Back in the 20th Century, before we had all these pesky, pompous Euros, there were drachmas, and francs and my personal favorite, the lire. As Lincoln said about the common man, God must have loved them; He made so many of them. I was also rather fond of the zloty, although I never saw one. There were also tiny squares in the center of most cities featuring a statue of a proud individual with a horse and moustache. Also local beer and people in entertaining outfits. Now? Not so much. So good luck to you, Greece. Take us back. 


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