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Insensitivity Training

Business sometimes means making difficult decisions that have a negative impact on other people. Many idealistic, ethical, or cowardly business people find this aspect of achieving success scary.

Desensitizing Exercises

These brief exercises are designed for those who are simply too sensitive to be successful in a business environment.

1. Go to the top of a building and look down on all the people below. Do this every day for six months, until you truly learn how small we all are in the vast scheme of things.

2. Find most obnoxious, lazy person in your working environment, spend at least fifteen minutes observing his or her complete uselessness and vacuity. Do this once a week for twenty-six weeks. Realize that many people are not worth saving while they jeopardize the success of the rest.

Many more exercises can be found in The Curriculum.

For further information on the lessons contained here, refer to The Curriculum: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Master of Business Arts.


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